Fortnite Secret Challenge: Agent Peely’s Spy License Guide

Fortnite players might be surprised to learn there are a bunch of hidden challenges this season. One of these secret challenges is Agent Peely’s Spy Licnese, and our guide will show you how to complete it to earn a special emoticon.

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Fortnite Secret Challenge: Agent Peely’s Spy License Guide

For this challenge, you’ll need to complete a few different tasks in the headquarters. Specifically, you’ll need to visit Brutus’ Room, Meowscles’ Room, and Midas’ Room. For doing this, you will receive a special Banana Badge.

Step 1 – Brutus’ Room

First, head on over to Brutus’ room. You’ll want to try and find valves somewhere in the room. We will make this easy for you and show you exactly where each thing is that you need to interact with. Here is where you can find the first valve in Brutus’ Room.

Brutus’ Room – Valve 1

Here’s where you can find the second valve, located just a little bit to the left of the other one.

Brutus’ Room – Valve 2

Next, the third Valve located on the same pipe just to the right of the second one.

Brutus’ Room – Valve 3

Next, the fourth Valve located just under the third valve. You are probably starting to get the hang of this by now…

Brutus’ Room – Valve 4

After you complete that, you’ll see some steam come through the pipes and Peely pop his head out from behind the desk. Now you can move on to the next step.

Step 2 – Meowscles’ Room

Head on into Meoscles’ Room from the Agents menu. From here, we need to knock the cat toy off the scratching post. You can keep clicking on it and eventually it will fall off. Here’s where you can find the cat toy and scratching post.

Step 2 – Meowscles’ Room

After you finish that, Peely will pop his head out from behind the cat post and give you a mean look. You can then move onto the final step.

Step 3 – Midas’ Room

Lastly, head into Midas’ room from the Agents menu. To the far right side of the room, you can see a gramophone that you will need to crank up. Keep clicking on it to crank it, and it will start playing some music when it’s fully cranked.

A painting on the far left of the room will open up and Peely will pop his head out through the wall.

Fortnite Secret Challenge: Agent Peely’s Spy License Guide Rewards

For completing this secret Fortnite challenge, you will be rewarded with an uncommon Banana Badge emoticon. “Express yourself on the battlefield. Part of the Banana Royale set.”

Banana Badge

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