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Fortnite Search and Destroy

Today is a big day for Fortnite, and players can now get their hands on a brand new game mode with the v11.50 update. The new Fortnite v11.50 patch changes are as follows:

  • Love and War has begun!
    • Play the new, community-made Search and Destroy LTM.
    • Includes new Challenges that can be completed for special rewards.
  • In non-competitive playlists, the Launch Pad has been unvaulted.
  • Implemented Unreal Engine’s Chaos physics system
    • At launch, our goal is to ensure that Fortnite still feels like what you would expect. We’ll be closely monitoring your feedback from the in-game Feedback tool for any issues you may be experiencing.
    • To report issues via the in-game Feedback tool, select Feedback in the main menu and choose Bug. We encourage you to put “Physics” in the subject line and include a concise message in the body that accurately describes the issue(s) you’re experiencing.

Fortnite Search and Destroy

Search and Destroy is a new limited time mode introduced into Fortnite in patch v11.50. It’s a classic game of attack and defend, Fortnite style. Each team consists of 6 players and up to 11 rounds. The first team to win 6 rounds is crowned the victor.


The defenders have the objective of defending two bombsites. If the attackers manage to plant the bomb in the bombsite, the defenders must defuse it to win the round. Defenders spawn close to Bombsite A and Bombsite B at the start of the map.


Attackers spawn further away from the bombsites and have the objective of planting a bomb at one of the sites. This leads to a classic game of strategy while the attackers try and form a strategy of attack to infiltrate a bombsite and win the round.

Either side can also win the round by completely eliminating the opposing team without completing the objectives. If you get eliminated, you will not respawn until the next round. You will also keep your weapons into the next round if you survive, or lose your weapons if you are eliminated.


You can earn gold or coins by taking out enemies, planting or defusing the bombs, and finishing rounds. Gold can be used to buy weapons and shields or building materials in the beginning of each round. Gold carries over into the next round, but completely resets after you switch sides.

The mode can be thought of as similar to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in this sense. You can also complete the new Love and War challenges while playing this new mode, so you may want to check it out while it’s fresh!

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