Fortnite Nerfs Turbo Building in v10.20

Today’s Fortnite patch has officially been deployed, and there are some major changes. It turns out Fortnite nerfs turbo building in v10.20, leaving some professional players confused.

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Turbo building is a Fortnite feature that allows players to simply hold down their mouse button to place structures. For a lot of people, this is a lot easier than constantly clicking the mouse over and over again. This new nerf means players can no longer turbo build at the same speed as before.

The new nerf is not being well received by the Fortnite community. Popular streamer Myth explains the difference and his frustration with the change on his Twitter.

It turns out manually clicking each time you need to place a structure is now significantly faster than turbo building. Myth explains you are pretty much guaranteed to miss a placement if you are using turbo building.

Epic Games released several more game changes during the latest update, but none have received as much attention as this turbo building nerf. This new change could mean we will see click building return to competitive Fortnite play. Building is a cornerstone of Fortnite, and competitive players take advantage of everything possible to gain an edge over the competition.

It seems the general sentiment of the Fortnite community is a bit negative recently due to the mech debacle and the recent turbo building nerf.

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