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Fortnite Lost Spraycan Locations

A new set of Fortnite Season X Battle Pass Challenges have been unlocked today. One of the new challenges makes players look for spraycans. In order to complete this challenge, you can take a look at our Fortnite Lost Spraycan Locations guide.

Fortnite Lost Spraycan Locations

Spray Paint Can Locations

The map above highlights all five areas where you can find the lost spraycans. Below we will outline each individual location to help guide you to the exact location.

Junk Junction

The first lost spraycan can be found in Junk Junction. Head to the top area and you’ll find it in a corner against a bunch of crumpled cars. It’s laying next to a pile of rubble. If you are unable to find it, stand at the base of the hill that has the llama structure, you will see a barbed wire fence. The can is on the other side of the fence.

Umbrella Mine

Southeast of The Block you will find the next can in Umbrella Mine. Head to the bottom of the mine, and you can find the can by a stack of three barrels.

Volcano River

From the Pressure Plant, follow the river of lava to the west until you reach a tunnel that once lead to Tomato Town. You will see a large pillar in the middle of the river, and this is where you will find the next can.

Warehouse Rave

The nightclub located in the middle of the snowy warehouses northeast of Happy Hamlet is where you will find the next can. On the western side of the nightclub you will see a campfire and a tent. The side of the tent with red and yellow patches is where you will find another can.

Desert Scrapyard

The last lost spraycan is located in the desert scrapyard southeast of Paradise Palms. In the southeast corner outside the fenced off area you will find a tree with some rocks underneath it close to a cactus. You will find the spraycan at the base of this tree.

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