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Fortnite Season X Where To Find Stop Signs Road Trip Challenge

fortnite road trip challenge

Fortnite Season X is upon us, and new challenges have debuted. The Fortnite Road Trip challenge has Battle Pass players looking for stop signs.

Players as tasked with finding and destroying 10 stop signs with the Catalyst outfit, a character skin unlocked with the purchase of the Battle Pass. It might sound like a daunting task, but with the help of our guide it will be a breeze.

This challenge must be completed in any mode aside from Playground or Creative. Solos, duos, squads, Areans, LTMs, and Team Rumble are all acceptable modes to destroy the stop signs. It’s also not required to destroy all 10 stop signs in a single match, as progress is saved as you go.

The area with the most stop signs is Pleasant Park. There are roughly 15 stop signs in this area alone, so if you are looking to just rush through this challenge then you should consider landing here. Anticipate the area being crowded because people will be rushing to complete the challenge.

Another good location is Salty Springs, and while there are not as many stop signs here as there are in Pleasant Park, there’s still enough to complete the challenge. The Block may also have some stop signs, so if you strike out at the other locations you could try that.

Completing this challenge will unlock the next reward for the Road Trip Mission.

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