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Fortnite Destroy Structures with Propane Tanks

One of this week’s Fortnite challenges asks players to destroy structures with propane tanks. These are scattered all over the map, but this guide will give you a few locations where you can easily complete this entire challenge. Propane tanks are red gas canisters that say “Ka-Boom” on them, just in case you weren’t sure.

Fortnite Destroy Structures with Propane Tanks

Land at the new location The Rig and look for this room in the south. You will see a chest with 4 or 5 propane tanks in there. Walk over to the propane tanks and pick one of them up. You can then throw the tank at any structure that already exists or one you recently build to blow it up.

You’ll have to destroy ten different structures, so you may need to repeat this a few times. A few structures can be blown up with one explosion so think about where you want to throw it.

There are plenty of propane tanks scattered throughout The Rig location so you should be able to easily complete this challenge in one match unless several other people land here with the same intention.

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