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Fortnite Deadpool’s Katanas

The week 4 Deadpool challenges in Fortnite requires players to find two of Deadpool’s katanas. After that’s complete, players will need to deal 10,000 damage to structures. The latter challenge can be easily completed by playing the game as you normally would. You can also choose to join a Team Rumble and knock the challenge out in one round.

Let’s start with Deadpool’s Katanas.

Fortnite Deadpool’s Katanas

To find the first katana, head over to The Grotto. You will know this location because it’s Brutus’ secret hideout. You can take a boat down there and dock outside The Grotto from just south of Dirty Docks. If you take the boat, you might notice a new location:

Head inside The Grotto, and make your way up to Brutus’ room through the vent in the wall. There’s a punching bag in there along with a crate, a chest, and the first Katana.

To find the second katana we’ll head northwest of Weeping Woods. This location was revealed in the Season 2 trailer when Peely went through a secret door. The bookshelf spun around and revealed two katanas along with some other weapons.

This same secret door can be found at this location:

Interact with the bookshelf to open it and it will spin around, likely revealing the second katana. Completing the next part of the challenge will reward players with the Deadpool Katanas Back Bling.

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