Fortnite Champion Series Week 2 Standings

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Week two of the Fortnite Champion Series has come to an end over the weekend. Eight trios from each region have qualified themselves for the Season X Finals Series. The teams from each region join the teams from week one and are waiting for the upcoming three weeks of competition to determine the final competitors.

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Crowd favorites like Turner “Tfue” Tenney, Dennies “cloakzy” Lepore, and Thomas “72hrs” Mulligan qualified for the finals during this weekend’s week two event. Their team placed fifth with a total of 98 points, and took home $3600 for their placement. The secured a place in the FNCS Finals taking place at the end of Season X.

Fortnite Champion Series Week 2 Standings

North America East

#1 zyfa, NRG Zayt, Ghost Saf
#2 Clank, KNG Unknown, Posick
#3 envy buckle, SEN Animal, CODE SEN-Aspect

North America West

#1 ThaiTanks, wavyjacob, Thomuss_
#2 CLG Symetrical, NRG EpikWhale, CLG Leno
#3 C9 Snow. 100T Kyzui, VICAROS


#1 FaZe Mongraal ., mitr0, NRG benjyfishy
#2 Solary Hunter, LeStream Skite, Solary Kinstaar
#3 RBK Ritz, MSF Endretta, Pate1k.


#1 DC MystricK, EX Febas FAVELA, EX Nogz FAVELA
#2 Pughaboy, zotieboy on fire, Barboysa.
#3 FURIA leleo, kurtz, wisheydp

Middle East

#1 AlterEgo.KLOPZ, Hero Kappa YT, AlterEgo Feezle
#2 DiE R4yFN, TU be_ LiKeWaTeR, TU Tuna
#3 Oneshot, TR Souriano, snow 0 ping


#1 WGS_JAG, WGS_Horde.KR, WGS_Qoo
#2 CR., Bob xd_o, CR Scarlet
#3 Newbee_13, Newbee_Aduo, Newbee_ 0


#1 RNG_x2Jesse, RNG_x2Jordan, volx
#2 skyla, slaya, gheez
#3 Gooboz, Link, worthy

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