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Fortnite Bud the Mushroom Locations

Fortnite Bud the Mushroom Locations

Today in Fortnite, you may have noticed a new mushroom companion out in Weeping Woods. The adorable mushroom is named Bud, and he has some magical powers if you give him some wood. In this guide, we will take a look at all the Fortnite Bud the Mushroom locations, and take a look at what this little guy does.

Fortnite Bud the Mushroom Locations

A mysterious mushroom named Bud appeared in the northwest Weeping Woods location today. You might walk right by him if you’re not keeping your eyes peeled. Dance or emote in front of him to wake him up. After he wakes up, you can interact with him and feed him 100 wood for a pleasant surprise.

After feeding Bud 100 wood, he will start following you around. Not only that, but he will also slowly restore your shield. He can also floss if he gets bored to keep you entertained. He will stop following you if you get too far away from him or go across a river or body of water. 

We found out some other interesting facts about Bud the mushroom. Bud needs to walk on land or a building, so if you lead him off a structure or through water, he will stop following you. Bud also will die if he gets caught in the storm. Occasionally, you will notice the color fading from Bud, so you need to dance to make it come back. The more you dance, the more shields he grants you as well. 

Unfortunately, we have some bad news for those of you who have already become obsessed with Bud. He was mistakenly added to the game and is now gone. We hope to see him back in the game soon and anticipate him making a return in Season 3.

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