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Where to find Alien Trees in Fortnite

Where to find Alien Trees in Fortnite

Week six introduces a few new epic quests to the log in Fortnite‘s ‘Invasion’ season. As has been the trend, we’re dealing with some more alien objects this week. Luckily, the challenge we’re about to cover in this guide is straightforward as long as you know where to look. So, here’s where to find Alien Trees in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 7.

“The INVADERS are INVADING the plants too!”

Where to find Alien Trees in Fortnite Hayseed Destroy

In case you missed it, we have a guide for the six-stage Legendary quest for Week 6 from Doctor Slone in our Fortnite section. You can also check out this week’s Alien Artifact locations. Collect them all to unlock each and every Kymera style variant for your collection!

Where to find Alien Trees in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7

Alien Trees are located in The Aftermath location on Fortnite island. If you are looking to complete the epic quest to destroy five Alien Trees, you can find all the ones you need by landing in The Aftermath at the center of the map. The trees have a pink-purple glow to them, and you can destroy them by using your pickaxe, like any other tree.

Where to find Alien Trees in Fortnite Map

Some Alien Trees are pretty flimsy and usually go down in a few swings of your harvesting tool. The skinnier trees also only net one or two pieces of wood per swing, unlike regular trees. So, these trees are not something you want to focus on early on in the game if you’re looking to collect resources. They are a neat addition to the map because they add some vibrant colors to the game.

For completing the epic quest from Hayseed to destroy five Alien Trees, you’ll receive 30,000 XP toward your battle pass. Keep in mind that this is also a party assist challenge, so you can hop in a group and get credit when other party members destroy any Alien Trees.

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