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Forspoken – How to turn on subtitles

It speaks! We can Read!
subtitles used in Forspoken
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Forspoken is already a game with a lot of issues being brought up. The somewhat arbitrary controversy of dialogue sure has people wanting to either hate-play the game or make sure they don’t miss a single word of the instantly notorious writing. So we need to make sure we know everything that’s being said right? How am I supposed to be unreasonably mad at the words coming out of characters’ mouths if I don’t know what they are saying? Guess we need to turn on the subtitles. Here’s how to turn on the subtitles in Forspoken.

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How to turn on Subtitles

If you’ve already started the game, turning subtitles on during gameplay is just fine. Simply turn on the pause menu. Go over to where it says Settings. In the settings display, there is an Accessibility Tab. After clicking on it, you can scroll down to find the Subtitle Settings. From here turning on and off subtitles is as easy as pie.

Additionally, you can also change the size of the subtitle text, the colored background for the text, and even how far apart the letters are. The Accessibility functions for subtitles sure have grown greatly in gaming. So you should never have to struggle to read silly cringy sarcastic dialogue from your favorite ever again!

Just remember, while not all video game dialogue can be masterpiece theater, having fun with the goofiness and over-the-top banter can always be it’s own thin. If you don’t like it that’s fine, but pretty sure we all talk like sarcastic adult-children at each other. Everyone loves Deadpool after all.

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