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Fly a Choppa Under Purple, Red, and Blue Steel Bridges Locations

One of this week’s challenges tasks players to fly a Choppa under Purple, Red, and Blue steel bridges. We’ll show you exactly where you can find those steel bridges for this Fortnite Season 2 Chapter 2 Week 8 challenge.

Fly a Choppa Under Purple, Red, and Blue Steel Bridges Locations

The first step in this challenge is to find a Choppa, and some of you may not know where they all are quite yet. For this one, we hopped in a Choppa located just east of Frenzy Farm.

Once you get your Choppa, continue on to the bridges. This is a good Choppa to hop in because the first bridge is right near that location.

Blue Steel Bridge Location

The blue steel bridge that connects the Frenzy Farm and Pleasant Park areas can be found just west of where we found the Choppa. It’s located east of Pleasant Park, so if you follow the road out to the east you cannot miss it. Check the map below if you’re unsure. You need to fly UNDER the bridge to complete the challenge.

Red Steel Bridge Location

The red steel bridge can be found just north of Salty Springs. If you follow the road south out of Pleasant Park, you won’t be able to miss it. Make sure to fly underneath it to get credit for the challenge.

Purple Steel Bridge Location

Finally, the last bridge we need to fly under is the Purple one. It is located on the north side of Slurpy Swamps. If you’re not sure of the exact location just refer to the map below.

That’s all for the ‘Fly a Choppa Under Purple, Red, and Blue Steel Bridges’ challenge. Each of the bridge locations can be found above, so if you had any difficulty, we hope this guide helped you out.

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