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Flower Peddler in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Flower Peddler in Final Fantasy 7 Remake
Flower Peddler in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

In Final Fantasy 7, you will meet a character called the Flower Peddler towards the start of the game. She will offer you a flower and give you a choice: ‘How Much’, or ‘I’m Good’. You might be wondering about what you should pick, and how this might change the story. We’ll take a look at how this choice at the Flower Peddler in Final Fantasy 7 effects things.

This may contain SPOILERS, so turn back now if you have no interest in learning about the Flower Peddler.

How Much or I’m Good – Flower Peddler in Fantasy Fantasy 7 Remake

When you first encounter the Flower Peddler and she offers you a flower, the response you likely want to choose is ‘How much?’. Again, we’re about to potentially spoil some elements of the game for you.

Well, if you’ve played Final Fantasy 7 you might know that the Flower Peddler is Aerith. Aerith is a key member of your party. If you do choose the ‘I’m Good’ option, you will be presented with two more options including ‘Don’t Be Stupid’ and ‘Fine, I’ll take it.’

If you choose ‘Fine, I’ll take it’, Aerith will not be too please with you. After all, you’re trying to get some free flowers by being a cheapskate. You will receive a Yellow Flower regardless of which option you choose. However, the option you select here affects the game in Chapter 14. For this reason, we recommend selecting ‘How Much’ from the start.

Obviously, the choice is yours to make. Maybe this guide helped you make the correct decision based on how you want to play the game.

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