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5 Best Classes In Tactics Ogre: Reborn

Delve into classes that absolutely dominate the battlefield.
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When playing Tactics Ogre: Reborn you can easily get lost in the vast number of classes it offers. Doing the math about which class is optimal for you and your playstyle can be a long process that doesn’t involve a lot of gaming. This is why we’ve decided to make a list of the five best classes in Tactics Ogre: Reborn according to our opinion and assist you in making your choice.


It is considered one of the strongest classes in the game due to its versatility and great base stats. A pretty durable class that will act both as a tank and a DPS at the same time.

Phalanx is a strong defensive ability that can be of use throughout the whole game and Mighty Impact will allow Lord to auto-crit the next melee attack with his already colossal damage.

Keep in mind, the class is reserved for Denam.

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Knight Commander

A class you can experience only through Ozma is also one of the strongest out there. Knight Commander is versatile, fast, and deals a lot of damage. This class too has Mighty Impact, an ability to crit anyone in their sight in addition to Double Attack and HP infusion.

Alongside great melee skills, this class has been complemented by magic as well. All in all, a great warrior to put on your front lines and not worry that they will get killed.


Princess is one of the three classes Catiua can take and it represents a super-Cleric warrior that will hold its own on the battleground. The high-damage dealer has a solid defense, great stats, and above all a variety of elemental magic to work with.

Princess can heal single targets and has an exclusive Priest skill Holy Water for exorcizing undead enemies thus preventing them from reviving.

Rune Fencer/Valkyrie,

Rune fencer/Valkyrie is a well-rounded class that can pack a solid punch while at the same time healing its allies. It can be a great support in the early game. After you get access to tier 2 summons, this class becomes a great damage dealer.

Buffing allies with speed and using the HP Infusion spell for a clutch heal is their main advantage until they get to the late game where they would be able to use the Conserve MP skill to hit enemies with strong spells for free.


Ninja for males or Kunoichi for females, this class often uses one-handed katana in each hand and has the ability to strike with both weapons at once. These fast, climbing experts use their Ninjutsu skill to inflict ranged damage when necessary and buff/debuff an ally.

One of their most valuable abilities is the Steelstance which reduces incoming damage by 50% and helps them stay on the battleground longer and match others.

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