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Every Item Available in the Pixar Fest Star Path in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Here's all you need to know!
Pixar Fest rewards in Disney Dreamlight valley
Screenshot by GJ / Gameloft

Gameloft has seemingly struck gold with the early access release of their latest title, Disney Dreamlight Valley. A life-sim title that also uses live-service elements, the game keeps players coming back for more as there’s so much to do and unlock. One of the great things that players can pursue to unlock is the various different rewards within the game’s own take on a season pass, the Pixar Fest Star Path.

With many items to unlock through redeeming the ticket-like Pixar Balls, there is a lot of work that goes into getting the fantastic rewards. Well, today we’re going to show you all of the great items you can unlock through the Pixar Fest Star Path so that you can figure out what’s the most important items for you to unlock first!

Every Item Available in the Pixar Fest Star Path in Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are a lot of great items for players to unlock throughout the Pixar Fest Star Path. Players will definitely want to start completing the Star Path-specific duties in order to unlock Pixar Balls for free or start using Moonstones to either purchase Balls or the Premium Pass in order to get more Pixar Balls to turn in.

There are exactly 36 different items available during the Pixar Fest Star Path for players to unlock. The current Star Path runs until October 11, so with less than a month to unlock everything, players are definitely going to need to get the Pixar Ball rolling. Of course, if you don’t want to buy everything, you don’t have to. Each of the 5 pages after the first is locked until you’ve purchased at least 3 items from the page before it.

Here’s everything you can unlock!

Page 1

  • Incredibles Motif
  • XL-15 Spaceship Model
  • Grape Soda Motif
  • 100 Moonstones
  • Miguel’s Guitar Motif
  • Papel Picados
  • IncrediSquirrel

Page 2

  • Burro Pinata
  • Up House Motif
  • 200 Moonstones
  • Space Ranger Motif
  • Lightning McQueen Logo Motif
  • Space Ranger Suit Display
  • Low-Boot Incredible Suit

Page 3

  • Guitars Motif
  • Edna Mode Motif
  • “Live the Music” Shirt
  • Lightning McQueen Motif
  • 400 Moonstones
  • “Adventure Is Out There” Balloon Basket
  • Mr. Incredible Retro Suit Display

Page 4

  • 400 Moonstones
  • Jack-Jack Motif
  • Piston Cup
  • Fredricksen Fireplace
  • Sox Motif
  • Elasticycle
  • High-Boot Incredible Suit

Page 5

  • Pixar Fest 2022 Shirt
  • Miguel Motif
  • Miguel’s Guitar
  • 800 Moonstones
  • Piston Cup Motif
  • Lightning McQueen Racing Jacket
  • McQueen Racing Bed

Page 6

  • 175 Moonstones

That’s all of the items available in the Pixar Fest Star Path! Good luck!

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