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Do You Have to Pay the Price in The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood?

With great power comes great sacrifice
Paying the Price in The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood
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The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood is an imaginative narrative-driven game that invites players into a world of supernatural intrigue and complex relationships. This unique gaming experience weaves together elements of magical mystery, politics, and paranormal entities, creating a rich tapestry that players can fully immerse themselves in.

This game introduces players to an enchanting world where choices bear significant consequences, none more haunting than the pact forged with Abramar. Along your quest to escape exile, you find yourself entangled in a pact that promises your freedom in exchange for a future sacrifice. But as you become closer and closer to Abramar, you have to wonder whether he’ll actually force you to hold up your end of the bargain when the time comes. Read on to find out whether you actually have to pay the price in The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood!

Do You Have to Pay the Price in The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood?

As you’re likely already aware, at the onset of your journey in The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood, you must make a pact with Abramar in order to regain your freedom.

This pact revolves around sacrificing one of three integral aspects of your life – your immortality, your coven, or the life of whoever you love the most. Rather than paying up right away, you must make the sacrifice at the end of the game, after you receive everything that Abramar promised you.

Along your perilous journey, however, as you grow closer and closer to Abramar, it becomes difficult to continue to see him as the means to an end. In fact, at the end of the game, when Fortuna confesses that she loves Abramar, he confesses that he loves her too, despite their unusual circumstances. He still tries to get her to hold up her end of the bargain when the time comes, however; but is there a way around this?

The answer is yes! There is a way to avoid paying the price without betraying Abramar! It’s not an easy task, however. You have to have an incredibly diverse and varied deck and draw all of the right cards at the right time.

How to Forsake the Price in The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood

Getting out of paying the price in The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood is both simpler and more difficult than you’d expect. The process itself is quite simple, but actually pulling it off correctly is a lot more complex than it seems. For starters, you need to make sure you’ve got a really diverse deck, as you’ll need to use your cards to be able to get out of paying the price.

First, you’ll need to continuously refuse to pay the price when speaking with Abramar at the end of the game. He’ll get pretty pissed off at you, but it’s extremely important that you keep refusing to pay, no matter what. After the third or fourth refusal, you’ll be able to start drawing cards to get out of paying.

The first card you’ll be allowed to draw is for your Escape, which will give you the opportunity to write yourself and everyone you love into a new universe. Once you’ve got a new home figured out for yourself, you’ll be able to draw cards to determine how this new universe will work: Existence, Good & Evil, and Abramar.

End of Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood
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If you’re able to, you should try to draw a card that’s packed with Air or Water energy for Existence, a card that’s full of Earth or Fire energy for Good & Evil, and a card that’s overflowing with Water energy for Abramar.

If you play your cards right (pun intended), you’ll be able to create an ideal paradise for you, your friends, and even Abramar, where you all can live in peace with each other. It’s worth noting that in my playthrough, I also chose to enter and win the election and eat Aedanna to become a Super Witch. I’m not sure yet if that’s required to be able to refuse Abramar, but it’s still worth keeping in mind for your next playthrough.

There is a save point prior to this final interaction in The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood, so if you don’t like the new reality that the cards have given you, you can always just quit the game and reload back in to try again!

Is Choosing to Pay the Price the Right Thing to Do?

It sucks to have to unwillingly give up something so cherished to the one whom you’ve placed so much trust in, but the fact that the price is so hard to weasel your way out of is actually part of what makes The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood so great.

At its core, The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood thrives on the idea that every decision you make carries weight, just as it does in real life. The pact made with Abramar embodies this concept, as the player’s initial choice ripples throughout the narrative, influencing character interactions, alliances, and overarching plot developments.

End Game Scene in The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood
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By reinforcing the idea that the pact’s price must eventually be paid, the game reinforces the notion that even the most seemingly insignificant choices can reverberate in unexpected and impactful ways. As the story unfolds, players bear witness to the consequences of their actions, supporting the idea that their choices are not isolated occurrences, but instead are integral components of a dynamic and interconnected narrative.

Moreover, the pact’s resolution underscores the complexity of morality, ethical ambiguity, and personal values. Players are prompted to consider the nature of their own sacrifices and the moral dilemmas that arise from such choices. This introspection not only deepens the player’s engagement with the game, but also prompts them to empathize with the characters’ struggles, motivations, and fragile emotional stability.

Helpful Abramar in The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood
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Additionally, the pact you make at the beginning of the game serves as the linchpin for multiple endings, each reflecting the sacrifice you’ve chosen and the consequences it carries. Whether you relinquish your immortality, your beloved coven, or the life of whoever you hold most dear, the choice reverberates throughout the narrative, revealing the game’s intricate branching paths.

It might be tempting to betray Abramar and rewrite the cosmos themselves to get out of your payment, but if you really stop to think about it, swallowing your pride and paying the price is just truer to the game’s sacrificial narrative.

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The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood offers a plethora of morally ambiguous choices that it allows players to get away with, including betraying the one you love most. If you ever get curious about just how much this game has to offer, just check out Gamer Journalist’s wealth of The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood content!

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