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DMZ Barter Cheat Sheet – Recipes Explained

Giving your looting ways a greater purpose
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In the midst of all of the chaos between supply runs, chasing down the lobby rats, and completing back-to-back Faction Missions, the peace away from the fighting is brought through the Barter System. Accessible on any DMZ Map, the ability to barter offers players a wide range of choices to improve their survivability out on the field. Prior to Season 3, players had no way of bringing resources into the next games without holding out for a Keycard or risking their goods being turned into XP when they returned to the Lobby.

Being able to barter grants players with game-changing equipment such as Secure Backpacks to keep the goods you find on your deployment with you for the next run, or that all-important Skeleton Key to make life on famine lands a little easier. This is Vincent’s guide on all recipes for the Barter Cheat Sheet in Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 DMZ.

DMZ Barter System – All Recipes and Buy Stations

Now that you have the opportunity to barter in DMZ this should never be overlooked when you are deploying into the game. Similarly to the Crafting System in Apex Legends, or Trading with well, Traders in Escape from Tarkov, switching out old gear or random items for something better than before can massively aid you in your deployment. No longer will you have to collect seemingly meaningless items for general Faction Mission and completion sake. Instead, finding specific items as part of these Recipes listed below with allow you to trade them out for ridiculously helpful equipment in DMZ.

Some of the Recipes, of course, are more useful than others, such as the 3-Plate Vests, Skeleton Key, and Secure Backpack. Others you may need to trade for to complete specific Faction Missions. For now, these are all of the Recipes in DMZ. You need to find the Recipe Ingredients to then go to a Buy Station designated to the Map we have outlined below, and trade to obtain the equipment you are aiming to get in the deployment. Keep in mind that any equipment you pick up will be turned into XP unless you have a Secure Backpack on you.

ItemRecipeBuy Station
Secure Backpackx2 Electric Drill, x2 Gas Can, and x1 Gold Skull.All Maps
Comms Vestx1 Encrypted Hard Drive, x2 Batteries, x1 Soothing Hand Cream.All Maps
Skeleton Keyx1 GPU.All Maps
Tempered Vestx1 Classified Documents, x1 Sensitive Documents, and x2 Documents.Ashika Island and Koshei Complex
Research Center Room Keyx4 Electrical Components and x2 Jumper Cables.Building 21
Scavenger Backpackx1 Battery, x1 Canned Foods, and x2 Gun Cleaning Oils.All Maps
GPUx2 Gold Bars and x5 Thumb Drives.Ashika Island
Medic Vestx3 Bandages, x1 Liquor, and x1 Watch.All Maps
Stealth Vestx2 Electrical Components, x1 Comic Book, and x1 Game Console.Al Mazrah
MCPR-300x1 Al-Qatala Train Manifest.Ashika Island
Munitions Boxx1 Imported Tea and $500 Cash.Ashika Island, Building 21, and Vondel.
Armor Boxx1 Electrical Tape, x1 Screwdriver, and x1 C4.All Maps
Revive Pistolx1 Bandage and x1 Soothing Hand Cream.All Maps
Sattiq Poppy Farmer House Keyx3 Radiation Blockers.Al Mazrah
Durable Gas Maskx2 Toothpaste and x1 Lighter.Ashika Island, Building 21, and Vondel
Lost Room 403 Keyx4 Nuclear Fuel.Ashika Island
Al-Safwa Crane Control Room Keyx6 Stronghold Keycards.Al Mazrah
Radiation Blockerx1 Blowtorch.Al Mazrah
Tactical Camerax1 Car Battery.Al Mazrah
Night Vision Gogglesx1 Vintage Wine and x2 Emergency Rations.Al Mazrah
Rebreatherx1 Hard Drive and x1 Imported Tea (Al Mazrah).
x1 Durable Gas Mask and x1 Gas Mask (Vondel)
Al Mazrah and Vondel
RGL-80 Grenade Launcherx2 Vintage Wine, x3 Launcher Ammo, and $5,000.Al Mazrah
RGL-80x1 Lab Code Book, x2 Sulfuric Acid, and x2 Server Tape – Red.Koschei Complex
Console Devkitx3 Game Console, x1 Skull of Al Bagra Minor, and x1 Nuclear Fuel.Al Mazrah
Gold-Fishx1 Ashika Kitsune Original, x1 Dog Bank, and x1 Cat Statue.Ashika Island
Bunker 11 Keycardx1 Red Access Card, x1 Blue Access Card, x1 Black Access Card, and x1 Green Access Card.Building 21
L2 Restricted Zone Keyx4 Wrench and x2 Scientist’s Notes.Koschei Complex
Valuable Gunscreenx1 Gold-Fish, x1 Bunker 11 Keycard, and x1 Console Devkit.Koschei Complex
Cash Bagx1 Employee Handbook, x1 Server Tape – Silver, x1 Delta Board, and x1 Acetic Acid.Koschei Complex
Reigning Gloryx1 Scientist’s Notes, x1 Server Tape – Red, x1 Alpha Board, and x1 Liquid Nitrogen.Koschei Complex
Crossbowx1 Server Tape – Silver.Koschei Complex
Riot Shieldx1 Liquid Nitrogen and x2 Delta Board.Koschei Complex
FTAC Reconx2 Alpha Board.Koschei Complex
Dual Kodachisx2 Toy Knife and x2 Gun Cleaning Oil.Koschei Complex
Cluster Minex1 Claymore and x1 Proximity Mine.Koschei Complex
Bomb Dronex1 Recon Drone and x1 C4.Koschei Complex
Advanced UAVx1 Portable Radar and x2 Electrical Components.Koschei Complex
Assault Riflex1 First Edition Comic Book, x1 Watch, and x1 Game Console.Vondel
Encryption Keyx1 Stronghold Keycard, x1 Throwing Knife, x1 Inflatable Decoy, and x1 Smoke Grenade.Vondel
Fire Dept Keyx2 Stronghold Keycard, x1 Blowtorch, and x1 Gun Cleaning Oil.Vondel
Self Revive Keyx2 Bandage and x1 Purified Water.Vondel

Where to Find Recipe Ingredients in DMZ?

The best place to search for the majority of these items is in Al Mazrah. You should search residential homes and Medical Centers for chemicals and healing items. Others are obtained in more mysterious ways such as finding the Drifiting Supply Bag or scouring the Ashika Island Map in its entirety for that random spawn of the Dog Bank and Cat Statue.

Common ingredients can be found across the Maps however we recommend the search to take place on Al Mazrah. When looking for other, more demanding items such as Server Tape and Keycards, the Alpha Cluster inside Koschei Complex is your best bet.

More common items such as tools – Oil, Blowtorch, and Wrench, can be found inside Toolboxes. Others such as Gas Masks, Comic Books, and Launcher Ammo can be found in Common to Rare (Orange) Supply Crates.

You should note that some are best purchased via the Buy Station itself such as the Gold-Fish where other Barter Recipes call for equipment changes in the Lobby before your deployment for Tactical and Lethal Equipment (C4, Smoke Grenade, and Claymore). There are ways to get around the Barter System but if you are looking to get yourself regular items for your deployment, it is best to invest in the Secure Backpack first and work from there.

For more DMZ content, be sure to see the latest coverage from Keys such as Townhouse Apartment, Faction Mission guides like Unknown Shipping, to defeating Bosses with ease such as the Pyro Commander. If you want more from Gamer Journalist, be sure to follow our Facebook. Thank you for reading this guide.

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