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What is Included in the Diablo Prime Evil Collection Pre-Order?

What is Included in the Diablo Prime Evil Collection Pre-Order?
Image: Blizzard

Remember the days when you’d just… buy a game? And you got a game? Those days are long gone. Nowadays, you’ve got like, three different pre-orders to keep track of. It’s a head-spinner just trying to keep track of what’s coming and going from where. If you’re interested in pre-ordering the remaster of Diablo II, then here’s some vital information for your everyday life. Here’s what’s included in the Diablo Prime Evil Collection pre-order.

Revealed on Sunday during the Xbox E3 2021 presentation, Diablo II: Resurrected is a remastered version of Blizzard’s classic top-down action RPG. The gameplay is completely untouched from the original version, but the graphics, audio, and cinematics have all been completely rebuilt from the ground up to give the game the modern coat of polish it deserves. The base game costs $39.99, but if you’re willing to shell out an additional 20 clams, you can pre-order the Prime Evil Collection, which comes with not only Diablo II: Resurrected, but some neat goodies for Diablo III as well.

What is Included in the Diablo Prime Evil Collection Pre-Order?

Pre-ordering either version of the game will give you access to the special Diablo II-themed Barbarian transmog for Diablo III. If you don’t already have Diablo III, though, you can’t really do anything with that, which is part of what makes the Prime Evil Collection appealing. In addition to Diablo II: Reincarnated, access to its open beta, and the aforementioned transmog, pre-ordering the Prime Evil Collection gets you the following:

  • A copy of Diablo III
  • The Diablo III Reaper of Souls expansion
  • The Diablo III Rise of the Necromancer pack
  • A Mephisto pet for Diablo III
  • The Hatred’s Grasp wings for Diablo III

You can pre-order either version of the game from the Battle.Net shop. 

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