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Best Avalanche Machine Gun God Rolls in Destiny 2

Best Avalanche Machine Gun God Rolls in Destiny 2

The Avalanche is one of the returning weapons for 2021’s Dawning event, meaning the only way to get it is to partake in the festive baking of cookies that dominates the Tower every holiday season. 

When you give someone their Dawning treat, there’s a chance that they’ll give you a “gift in return” box back. It’s a low chance, but if you farm something like Strange Cookies, then you should have no problem getting a ton of them. Don’t open them, though. 

How to get the Avalanche Machine Gun in Destiny 2

Bring the gift boxes back to Eva at the tower. She offers two different packages in exchange for your gift box. One of them gives you either the Cold Front SMG or the Zephyr Sword. The other will give you either the Avalanche or the Glacioclasm. The Glacioclasm also happens to be a phenomenal weapon, so you’ll be able to farm for that while farming for an Avalanche god roll. 

Eva also has two upgrade perks that give you a chance to get an extra perk choice in the third and fourth columns on every weapon she gives you, so make sure you have them unlocked before you start unloading your gifts onto her. 

On top of all that, if you farm Eva’s repeatable bounties that tell you who to bake treats for, you’ll rack up a ton of Bright Dust. 

So, you can farm for a Glacioclasm god roll, an Avalanche god roll, and Bright Dust all at the same time by just doing Eva’s bounties (most of which don’t even require you to leave the Tower). 

Avalanche God Rolls in Destiny 2

Avalanche PvE God Rolls

The Ad-Destroyer 

  • SPO-57 Front. 
  • High-Caliber Rounds. 
  • Subsistence. 
  • Dragonfly. 
Best Avalanche Machine Gun God Rolls in Destiny 2 - PvE

According to Light.GG, most players prefer Outlaw over Subsistence with Dragonfly. I think those people are crazy (even though that’s the roll I have). 

This PvE god roll isn’t designed to kill bosses because let’s be honest, Machine Guns are the worst boss DPS weapons in the game and have been for a while (unless Witch Queen’s meta changes that, in which case you should use an Auto-Loading Holster/Vorpal roll). 

This Subsistence/Dragonfly combination is designed to emulate the god rolls for both Fatebringer and Vision of Confluence, being Rewind Rounds with Dragonfly. The ability to feed ammo back into the mag every time you get a kill, combined with those kills causing enemies to blow up, is a tried and tested PvE god roll that literally dates back to Destiny 1. 

This thing will completely obliterate a group of ads with ease, making it my favorite Avalanche PvE god roll. 

It’s not the only good PvE roll, though. Avalanche also has perks like Swashbuckler and Adrenaline Junkie, both of which are great on a machine gun. So if you’ve got one of those, don’t dismantle it quite yet. 

Avalanche PvP God Roll

The Guardian Killer

  • SPO-57 Front. 
  • High-Caliber Rounds. 
  • Surplus. 
  • Vorpal Weapon. 
Best Avalanche Machine Gun God Rolls in Destiny 2 - PvP

Machine guns are distinctively better in PvP than in PvE. While Avalanche has plenty of great PvE perks, it lacks in the PvP department. 

So, rather than focus on general usage, I’m turning this machine gun into a niche use-case goliath. 

The Surplus/Vorpal roll is designed specifically to deal with Guardians that are in their super. While it’s not going to two-tap a Striker Titan like a sniper will, it’ll turn them into a pile of meat confetti, instead. 

Provided you’ve got the Handling and Stability buffs active from Surplus, this thing will end anyone in their super before they even have a chance to close the gap with you. 

It won’t work every time, but it’s oh so satisfying when it does. 

Alternatively, you could opt for something like a Killing Wind/Swashbuckler roll if you’re confident in your ability to get multiple kills with one mag, but I’m not, so I’m going for Vorpal, instead. 

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