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Choose the best lone wolf class!
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Deep Rock Galactic is a multiplayer FPS set on an alien world where you play as a dwarf miner and must gather resources while traveling through stunning procedurally generated caves. Play alone or in a squad of up to four as you work to complete objectives and avoid the hostile aliens who would like nothing more than to ruin your day and steal your shiny loot. Your goals in missions can vary wildly, often between mining different resources or repairing broken mine equipment that has stopped working. Keep your head on a swivel, because your ammunition is beginning to run low and who knows how many aliens are out there! In this guide we cover the best class to pick for Deep Rock Galactic when you are playing alone.

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Which Class is the Best for Solo Play in Deep Rock Galactic?

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In order to have the highest success in terms of playing a mission alone, you should first look at what the objectives are. Some classes are better at doing things that others will fail miserably at, such as fighting off swarms of enemies or defending a choke point. However, despite the advantages that each class has, we believe that the Scout is the premier choice for solo players who are looking to boost their chances of success when they are up against the aliens alone.

This is because the Scout has great movement, meaning you can avoid enemies and work to complete the mission’s objectives without getting too tangled up in the fray. Also, the Scout can really help you to get the secondary when doing a mission which can be extremely beneficial to your progress.

What About the Scout’s Loadout?

Using the Scout’s Deepcore GK2 assault rifle and M1000 Classic, take out enemies from a range – especially with the M1000. This is the equivalent of a sniper rifle in Deep Rock Galactic, and charging up each shot will increase your damage and range. Also, the Scout’s Grappling Hook is great for escaping large groups or pulling yourself towards resources that can be hard to get to.

The Pheromene Canisters Scouts can have will cause enemies to turn on one another and distract them, while the Inhibitor-Field Generator can slow them down and make them easy picking (especially for your M1000 Classic). Lastly, the Flare Gun will help to light up the area around you and find any minerals or enemies that may be attempting to hide from you. This final tool is a great counter to pesky Cave Leeches and will help you spot them before they can get the jump on you.

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