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DBZ Kakarot – Where to Find Black Meteorite

Dang space junk.

What is it about Earth in Dragon Ball that seems to attract junk from all over space? Alien warriors, alien warlords, alien rocks; we’re like the galactic equivalent of a Stucky’s or something. Well, galactic intermingling has its perks, especially if you’re in the materials market. Here’s where to find Black Meteorites in DBZ Kakarot.

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DBZ Kakarot – Where to Find Black Meteorite

Black Meteorites are one of the rare materials required to upgrade your training room to its later levels. If you want to reach your maximum potential (and it’s Goku, so that’s kind of a given), you’ll need to source a few of these things alongside some other important materials.

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Black Meteorites are a four-star material, making them one of the rarest in the game. The spots where you can find them out in the wild are sporadic, at best, appearing randomly in mineral-rich caves in the Southeast Mountains Area, as well as gifts from wandering NPCs in the Great West Desert Area. These spawns aren’t exactly reliable, however.

Best Way to Get Black Meteorite

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Luckily, there is a far more reliable means of obtaining Black Meteorites, provided you’ve made sufficient progress in the main campaign. After you’ve finished the Buu Saga, the Material Shop in Satan City, Gingertown, and Lucca Village will begin stocking Meteorites of all colors, Black included.

You can buy as many Black Meteorites as you can afford from the vendor, though they’re a bit pricy at 10,800 Zeni a pop. Remember, you sell off any items you don’t need at vendors for some quick cash, or if you’re in a major crunch, find the Dragon Balls and wish for some funds from Shenron.

Once you’ve got some Black Meteorites, you can get to work on upgrading your training room and reaching greater heights. Remember, if Goku doesn’t have a safe place to train, he’s gonna go bother a god or something, and we don’t want to deal with that.

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