Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle
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How to Download Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle v5.8 Mod APK

IDK — it kinda sounds like cheating if you ask me ...

It’s time to mix it up! Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle has been updated, and players the world over are ready to jump into the action! But, for whatever reason, there are players who’d prefer to download the game manually, rather than use Google Play. If this is you, then we have some good news and bad news.

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The good news is that you can download the APK — or, Android Package — but the bad news is that there is no truly trustworthy source. So, if you’re insistent on avoiding Google Play, you’re going to take a gamble before you can master the Kamehameha. Read on if that’s OK with you!

How to Download Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle v5.8 Mod APK

But wait! You don’t want the base version of the game, you want the modded version. In that case, you will be taking on even more of a risk, because depending on who you download from, you never can tell what they’ve done to the APK file itself. It could be manipulated in ways that will harm not only your phone, but also yourself.

So, we must insist — please proceed with the utmost caution. Gamer Journalist does not endorse any of the possible download sources for this APK, and do not claim responsibility for any problems that arise from acquiring it. If you continue down this path, regardless of the possibility for error, that’s on you.

In any case, the following link can be used to download the Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Mod APK. It’s been manipulated to award the player with One Hit Kills, God Mode, and HP has been frozen.


Once it’s been downloaded, you should be able to install the APK by opening it from your notifications. Then, you’ll simply open the app as you would any other app that you’ve received from the Play Store.

We hope this guide to downloading and installing the Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle mod APK was helpful. Please visit Gamer Journalist on Facebook for more APK installation guides and a whole slew of other guides and reviews. You may also find our guides on How to download Castlevania grimoire of souls APK for free or How to Download Orion Stars 777 Apk for free interesting.

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