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All Confirmed Roster in Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 4

Calling all Fighters!

Dragon Ball Z Budakai Tenkaichi is the fighting game series that helped put DBZ on the map for video games. Its fond memories and staying power are still felt today. DBZ was always a pillar and undisputed series for anime and manga. The Budakai (and Tenkaichi) series made sure that DBZ would forever be talked about in a third medium where the franchise clearly belonged: fighting games. Now, after over 15 years of the series thought to be discontinued, Bandai Namco has announced Tenkaichi 4. There have been plenty of other DBZ games to follow in Tenkaichi’s footsteps, but the return to this series is going to reach a full fever pitch for fans. So who do we have on the roster? Only time will tell, but we have some pretty good ideas on the roster in Dragon Ball Z Budakai Tenkaichi 4.

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Confirmed Roster (So Far)

As of this writing, no real roster list has been revealed. However, in the official reveal trailer released less than 24 hours ago, there was a sneak peek of Goku going Super Saiyan Blue. The updated and familiar graphics of Tenkaichi gave us just a quick look at what a Super Saiyan Blue will look like in the game. So as far as officially confirmed we can say Goku and all his forms, especially Blue, will be included.

There was also an array of classic characters and forms in the trailer. Showing a throwback timeline of older Tenkaichi games, we saw Fial Form Freiza, Super Sayian future Trunks, Cell, Piccolo, Majin Vegeta, Base form Majin Buu, Gohan from the Buu Saga, Super Majin Buu, Vegito, Super Vegito, Kidd Buu, and even Super Saiyan 4 Goku from the still much divisive Dragonball GT series.

One would think it would be safe to assume those highlighted in the trailer, even from the past would be in this new game. Although the conversation of including DBGT is an interesting one, especially with what fans will be looking forward to the most. With the inclusion of Super Saiyan Blue, it is all but confirmed we will be getting a lot of characters and forms from Dragon Ball Super.

Possible Roster Speculation

Budokai Tenkaichi was well known for adding to its roster every installment and never taking away. Tenkaichi 3 had almost 100 different characters and a total of well over 150 different forms. The game was released well before DB Super was even a gleam in Akira Toyriama’s eye. So you can bet there’s a whole new roster of at least a dozen new characters like Jiren, Zamasu, and Beerus to add. On top of new characters, many new forms will be anticipated like Super Saiyan Rose Goku Black, Golden Frieza, and Ultra Instinct Goku.

This will of course be a big feat for Bandai Namco if they do indeed include every character from prior Tenkaichi games as well as the new roster of Super characters. Either way, the hype is quite real and the possibilities are endless. Dragon Ball and its roster of nearly 150 unique characters to fight with and their endless forms have stood the test of time and now Budakai Tenkaichi is proving that as well.

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