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Cuphead – Everything to Know About The Delicious Last Course DLC

The DLC adds an entirely new map section.
Image via Studio MDHR

Ever since it was released in 2017, Cuphead has become one of the most heartwarming success stories in indie gaming. On the back of critical acclaim thanks to its tight gameplay and beautifully-wacky hand-drawn graphics, it’s become an entire media franchise, spawning merchandise and a Netflix series. Don’t think Studio MDHR is done with the actual game, though. Here’s everything you need to know about Cuphead’s Delicious Last Course DLC.

Cuphead – Everything to Know About The Delicious Last Course DLC

The Delicious Last Course adds an entirely new map section to the Inkwell Isles, aptly named DLC Isle. Cuphead and Mugman journey to this new island on behalf of their friend Ms. Chalice, who discovers she can swap places with a living person using an Astral Cookie. To bring her back to life permanently, however, she’ll need the help of Chef Saltbaker to craft the Wondertart. The three of them set off to secure the ingredients for this mysterious dessert.

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DLC Isle features six new boss fights to take on, all of which are, according to the developers, roughly equivalent to a final boss in terms of difficulty. Get ready to get clobbered repeatedly! Luckily, you’ll be able to buy a new array of weapons and charms from Porkrind’s Emporium to level the playing field, including the aforementioned Astral Cookie.

Image via Studio MDHR

Equipping the Astral Cookie swaps your character with Ms. Chalice, who has her own unique gameplay mechanics like a double jump, an auto-parrying dodge roll, and different super moves. Once you unlock Ms. Chalice, you can also return to the base game’s levels and play them again with her.

Cuphead’s Delicious Last Course DLC will be released on June 30th, 2022 for $7.99. The DLC will be available on all supported platforms including Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam. You can also play it on an Xbox Series X/S or PlayStation 5 via backwards compatibility.

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