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How to Get P Rank in Cuphead

Pursue the path of pacifism.
Image via Studio MDHR

After every level and boss fight in Cuphead, you receive a rank based on your performance. Usually, these are the expected C to A letter grades, but there is a way to get a special rank, at least on the Run ‘n Gun levels. Here’s how to get P ranks in Cuphead.

How to Get P Rank in Cuphead

On the docks of Inkwell Isle 3, there’s a turtle who chastises you for responding to everything with violence instead of trying to see the world in shades of grey. He encourages you to pursue the path of pacifism to change how you see the world. This turtle isn’t just talking crazy; he’s telling you about a different way to play the game.

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In all of the Run ‘n Gun levels, it is entirely possible to get to the goal without defeating a single enemy through a combination of jumping, dashing, and parrying. If you can successfully do this, then rather than the usual completion rank, you’ll receive a P, which stands for “Pacifist.” The flag that shows up on the overworld will also have a P on it to indicate your success. Obviously, you can’t do this for the boss fights, as there’s literally no way to win a fight without fighting.

Image via Studio MDHR

Here are a few tips for getting a P rank in Cuphead:

  • Equip the Smoke Bomb: Besides avoiding damage, the few frames where you disappear when using the Smoke Bomb can let you slip past certain enemies, even ones that are built into the level’s scenery.
  • Parry with Aplomb: You’ll need the extra vertical oomph you get from a parry slap to jump over certain obstacles, so keep your eyes peeled for pink stuff. Don’t worry if you defeat an enemy or obstacle with a parry, that doesn’t count against your Pacifist run.
  • Use Ms. Chalice: If you have The Delicious Last Course DLC, you should definitely equip your Astral Cookie to bring out Ms. Chalice. Her double-jump alone can make some of the tricky jumps much easier, not to mention her parry dash and invincible dodge roll.

If you can successfully earn a P rank on every single Run ‘n Gun level in the game, the turtle guy will reward you with a special black-and-white screen filter you can enable in the game’s options for that authentic old-timey cartoon vibe. “Shades of grey” indeed.

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