Crucible Fatal Error

Crucible Fatal Error

Amazon’s new free-to-play shooter Crucible went live today a little later than anticipated due to some technical difficulties. As of 4:41 PM EST, Steam sent an email saying the game is now live. People can head over to the Steam store page to download it and start playing.

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Upon logging in, some users might see the Crucible Fatal Error that is preventing them from loading into the game. 

Crucible Fatal Error

The exact error players are getting is Fatal Error: Crucible timed out trying to log you in. Please restart your client to try again. LOGIN_TIMEOUT. Pressing “2” will automatically quit the game.

To resolve this error, you need to restart your game. Crucible requires an internet connection to play, and Amazon has been experiencing some server issues due to the number of people trying to connect at one time.

For now, all you can do is try to restart your game to get a good connection to the server. Amazon is aware of the connectivity and queue issues impacting some players, and are working on doing their best to resolve the issue. 

As it if the first day of launch, you should be patient while Amazon works on fixing the kinks in their newly released game. 

Crucible features three modes, including a traditional Battle Royale mode, a PvE mode, and a capture-the-point mode. There are ten playable characters to choose from, and you can learn more about them in our Crucible Characters and Abilities overview.

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