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Amazon’s Crucible is met with mixed reviews on Steam

Amazon dives headfirst into their first PC game with Crucible, a new free-to-play shooter available on Steam. At first glance, the game seems to offer the typical trappings of a modern team-based shooter, but Steam users cannot agree if the game is worth your time.

Crucible, developed by Relentless Studios, went live yesterday. Despite a host of different modes and characters, gamers are giving mixed signals. The most common complaint seems to be about the gunplay, which players describe as slow, clunky, and unsatisfying. 

Many users have pointed out the lack of audio cues when hitting an enemy to be a detriment to the gunplay. The negative reviews also mention balance issues, pointless side-missions, and the gameplay modes feeling too similar. 

Amazon Crucible Steam Reviews

The positive reviews are much more optimistic. While some do agree with the criticisms, they feel the foundation of the game is stable and has potential.

Others praise the number of characters, the use of NPC creatures, and the mix of MOBA elements. The sentiment seems to be that any issues players have with the game will be patched, and it is too soon to call Crucible a lousy game.

Both sides of the table agree that the game needs certain vital features such as voice and text chat, a minimap, and some balancing. The designers have put a lot of work into the maps, which undoubtedly gives Crucible some charm.

Hours after the launch, the reviews were mostly negative, but that has changed within the past day. The current reviews see a mix of 1,495 positive reviews and 2,040 negatives. 

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