Crucible Characters and Abilities
Crucible Characters and Abilities

Crucible Characters and Abilities Overview

Crucible is the free-to-play shooter from Amazon Game Studios. This is their first major game release for PC, and will release with three different game modes on launch. It combines elements of PvE and PvP between each of the modes, and has a leveling system where players can power up their abilities using resources.

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In the traditional battle royale mode, eight teams of two battle it out in a large map. There’s a twist we’ve never seen before where two solo players can team up on the battlefield. This means if you lose your teammate early, you have the opportunity to meet another one.

In this guide, we take a look at the Crucible Characters and abilities. There are ten playable Crucible character at the moment, each with their own unique abilities and style of play.

Crucible Characters and Abilities Overview

  • Ajonah
  • Bugg
  • Captain Mendoza
  • Drakahl
  • Earl
  • Rahi and Brother
  • Sazan
  • Shakirri
  • Summer
  • Tosca

Here a more in-depth look at each of the characters abilities and what they bring to the table.

Ajonah – The Ocean’s Whisper

Ajonah is a deadly marksman who takes out her enemies from a distance. She is a warrior of the Orisi people, an amphibian race of raiders. She has a grappling hook she can use for some quick mobility and two different traps to take out enemies.

  • Aimed Fire – Hold down to improve harpoon accuracy and increase damage while slowing movement
  • Grappling Hook – Fires a retracing grappling hook
  • Squid Mine – Creates a mine that follows a target and explodes
  • Jamming Shroud – Deploys a jamming device in the area
Crucible Characters and Abilities - Ajonah

Bugg – Happy Botani Unit

Bugg is a terraforming Botani unit modified as a way to use robots to collect essence. He may look cute, but he can be one deadly foe. His unique abilities allow him to plant seeds and spray them with fertilizer to make them grow fast. Bugg can also grant shields to himself, his plants, and nearby allies.

  • Spray – Damages opponents and activates plants
  • Crop Dust – Creates a slowing, damaging, AoE
  • Seed Pod – Fires a seed pod that can be activated by spraying
  • Thrusters – Propels you forward and vertically
  • Shield Burst – You, your seed pods, your plants, and nearby allies gain a temporary overshield.
Crucible Characters and Abilities - Bugg

Captain Mendoza – The Unity Man

Captain Mendoza is a military veteran with a lot of stories to tell. His abilities are what you would expect, and his playstyle is what most FPS players will probably prefer.

  • Aimed Fire – Hold to improve rifle accuracy at the cost of movement speed
  • Fire – Fires rapid shots from the pulse rifle
  • Flash Grenade – Throw a blinding flash grenade
  • Sprint – Tap or hold down to move faster
  • Supply Drop – Calls down a med kit and bunker
Crucible Characters and Abilities - Captain Mendoza

Drakahl – The Insolent

Drakahl is a melee character wielding a massive axe, with two ranged abilities. He uses brute force and can become enraged. If you see an enraged Drakahl, make sure to run the other way.

  • Chop – Strike with vibron axe
  • Rush – Dash in the direction your camera is facing
  • Enraged – You become enraged allowing you to pick a life-stealing claw attack or ranged grab attack
  • Resonating Axe – Your axe hums with power allowing you to choose between a spinning DoT area attack or a stunning area attack
Crucible Characters and Abilities - Drakahl

Earl – Just Earl

Earl is not someone you want to encounter on the battlefield. He uses his gun Misty, who he named after his wife, to mow down enemies. The gun has a high rate-of-fire with some alternate fire options to fire explosives, and propel himself.

  • Afterburner – Rocket forward at high speed
  • Blowback Vents – Knock enemies back and block projectiles
  • Tanking Up – Drink a beverage to restore health
  • Upshift – Fire a burst of four explosives
Crucible Characters and Abilities - Earl

Rahi & Brother – Heroes of the Orion Belt

These two make the perfect pair. Rahi brings the heart and his Brother brings the brains. Rahi deals most of the damage while his Brother is great at scouting locations and gaining intelligence on the enemy.

  • Force Punch – Melee attack that drains your shields to do extra damage
  • Heroic Bound – Chargeable power jump
  • Laugh it Off – Gain personal shield over time
  • Scouting Ahead – Sends Brother to a location to scout
  • Shield of Justice – Sends a projectile to shield allies and blind enemies
  • Shoot Laser Beam – Fires laser for piercing damage
  • To The Rescue – While scouting, activate this to teleport to Brother’s location

Sazan – One-Woman Army

Sazan is an ex-soldier who utilizes three weapons, including an intertia gun, an electroknife, and a shotgun. Freely swap between all three depending on the situation, and use the jet-dash ability for some extra mobility.

  • Electroknife – Switch to the electroknife
  • Interia Gun – Switch to the intertia gun
  • Shotgun – Switch to the shotgun
  • Jet-Dash – Dash in the direction of movement
  • Throw Knife – Attacks with electroknife, applying a DoT on hit

Shakirri – First Blade of Na Dakkaru

Shakirri is a master of precision who defeats her enemies with style. She wields a sword and a pistol, allowing players to swap between whichever they prefer for different situations. She can also deploy defensive shields to hold off enemies.

  • Disrupting Strike – Unleash an energy wave disrupting enemies
  • Force Dome – Creates a dome blocking enemy attacks and prevents movement
  • Holo Shield – Deploys a shield that deflects projectiles and blocks melee
  • Weapon Swap – Swaps between the sword and pistol weapons

Summer – Future Galactic Champ

Summer is a pyro that loves using her flamethrower on enemies. Her weapon is modified, allowing her to have a wide arsenal of abilities including thrusters, fireballs, and a powerful blast.

  • Fireball – Long-range fireball that explodes on impact
  • Firepulse Thrusters – Jump up and forward
  • Flamethrowers – Fire a cone of flame
  • Ignition Spark – Blast you and your opponents back
  • Magma Spiral – Creates a circle of magma

Tosca – Angry Evil Genius

Tosca rocks a high-tech shotgun and has the ability to teleport a short distance. She can blast her enemies away, and gain some valuable intel on their locations.

  • Acid Shot – Fires a scattershot of acid bullets
  • Adhesive Alpha – Throw explosives that inflict damage and slow
  • Blink – Teleport a short distance
  • Electro-Cloud – Smokescreen that disrupts vision
  • X-Ray Goggles – Detect all opponents within 50 meters

Those are all the Crucible characters and abilities at the moment. We’re not sure if Amazon plans to add more to the game in the future, but we will keep you posted if they do.

You can pick up the game on Steam starting at 3:00 PM EST on Wednesday, May 20.

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