Cannot Pick Up Items in Terraria Journey’s End

The Journey’s End update adds a ton of new items, bosses, NPCs, content, and enemies to the game. There are over 800 new craftable items to make, and it takes a lot of time to sort through them all. If you’re reading this, you might have an item in your inventory you weren’t aware of. There’s an item that makes it so you cannot pick up items in Terraria Journey’s End.

Cannot Pick Up Items in Terraria Journey’s End

At first, we thought the game had a bug preventing us from picking up items. Then, we realized something crazy. There’s an item in this game by the name of Encumbering Stone. The Encumbering Stone prevents item pickups while it’s in your inventory.

You are over-encumbered.

– Encumbering Stone, Journey’s End 2020

While this item is in your inventory, you cannot pick up any items, including money like copper, gold, and silver. You might be wondering, why is this item in the game at all?

If you’re digging through certain areas and you don’t want anything clogging up your inventory, it could be useful. Maybe you’re farming the Pumpking and you don’t want any of the nonsense items in your inventory, so you throw this on temporarily.

While this item definitely has its uses, you might find yourself pick it up on accident and then think your game has a bug. If this happens, just be sure to check your inventory for an Encumbering Stone and take it out.

Other Reason for Not Being Able to Pick Up Items

Due to the surge of users playing Terraria after the Journey’s End update, tons of new players are trying to play online with friends. There have been some issues with multiplayer lag over the past few days. If you cannot pick up items and there’s no Encumbering Stone in your inventory, this might be the reason.

To resolve this, you can try restarting your game client and reconnected to the multiplayer game. This may give you a better connection to the host and stop the lag preventing you from picking up items.

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