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Can You Solo Dungeons in Destiny 2? Explained

Friends are overrated
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Whatever the reason may be, players seek to attempt to complete dungeons solo in Destiny 2. Whether its for the challenge or simply not having people to play it with, this situation presents a unique challenge. While not as demanding or teamwork focused as raids, dungeons still present a challenge even for a full fireteam of three. While certainly not impossible, attempting a dungeon solo can be some of the hardest content Destiny 2 has to offer. Here are all the tips to give players the best chance of completing a dungeon solo, and reaping the benefits of doing so.

How to solo a dungeon in Destiny 2

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The biggest and best piece of advice players can get attempting to do this is be patient. Dungeons were meant to be played by three guardians, and the difficulty reflects that. Not only in enemy density and difficulty but also in mechanics. Some dungeons have tight timers when it comes to mechanics, be too slow and its a wipe. Attempting to do this solo only adds to the difficulty these dungeons present.

Odds are players won’t be clearing encounters in their first attempts. Just have patience. Before even attempting a dungeon solo, Guardians should know all of the encounters and how they work like the back of their hand in Destiny 2. Watch how others solo it, take that knowledge and apply it to your own runs.

Build into your Preference

Speaking of knowledge, build crafting going into a dungeon is a must. Going in without any armor mods or play style is an almost guaranteed failed solo attempt. Each subclass in Destiny 2 offers different ways to play. Whether wanting to be more aggressive or passive, there’s a subclass that matches how you want to tackle a situation.

Subclasses in Destiny 2


Widely known as the healing class, Solar is a great choice for those who fear loosing too much health and having to restart an encounter. Healing grenades can come in handy in a pinch, and regardless of class, there are several ways to heal. Warlocks of course have a Well of Radiance super that provides constant healing for a short time. Titans have sunspots and the Lorely Splendor exotic helmet. Pair that with a good hammer build and you can survive pretty much anything. Hunters may not have as much healing potential, but their Blade Barrage super with the Star Eater Scales exotic legs can provide excellent damage against bosses.


While not providing much in terms of healing, Void more than makes up for it with shields and debuffs. Effects like Weaken and Volatile Rounds can clear up both adds and bosses. For Warlocks, Nova bomb is your best bet to clear both adds and bosses. Additionally with Devour, health won’t be an issue as long as you keep on killing small fry. For Titans, a well placed Ward of Dawn can provide some temporary protection from most attacks. With the Helm of Saint-14, it even provides a shield you can use outside of the bubble and blinds any enemy that tries to get in. For Hunters, Shadowshot is the best way to go, weakening bosses and making any hit a Critical Hit. Pair that with the Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk exotic armor and void weapons, and you’ll have constant invisibility. Enemies can’t hit what they can’t see.


Defenatley the most risk/reward out of all the subclasses. While Arc provides great abilities, it comes with needing to use them relatively close to enemies. Without a guaranteed way to keep health up, it could lead to failed encounters. Storm and pulse grenades are great at crowd control, and focusing on the boss for damage. Warlocks can use the Delicate Tomb exotic to generate even more ionic traces, keeping ability uptime high. Titans can use the Helm of Inmost Light to essentially have unlimited grenade and melee energy. Paired with the Cuirass of the Falling Star, their Thundercrash super gets double damage as well as having an overshield when done slamming into the boss. For Hunters, the Assassin’s Cowl provides invisibility when finishing or using a powered melee on an enemy, as well as health regeneration. Paired with the Gathering Storm super, Hunters have the best of both worlds with survivability and damage.


Stasis is a great subclass for freezing enemies and keeping them in place. Glacier and Coldsnap grenades are a must for any class. For Warlocks, The Ager’s Scepter Exotic weapon paired with Osmiomancy Gloves provide almost unlimited Stasis turrets and freezing enemies. Titans don’t have much going for Stasis, but their Glacial Quake super can provide great damage to bosses if used correctly. For Hunters the Mask of Bakris provides a boost to Arc weapon a well as a brief moment of invincibility during a dodge, great for sticky situations. The Silence and Squall super is great at crowd control.

Hopefully this breakdown of subclasses and strats helps players strategize their next solo dungeon attempt in Destiny 2. For more Destiny 2 coverage, be sure to check out Destiny 2’s Lightfall Exotic Armor Has Been Revealed and What Does Elemental Time Dilation Do in Destiny 2? Best Build for Mod. For more game discussion, take a look at our Facebook page.

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