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Can You Sell Items in Bear and Breakfast? Answered

What can you do with all your old junk?
Took's Shop in Bear and Breakfast
Screenshot via Armor Game Studios/Gummy Cat

Bear and Breakfast is a beloved game with loads of popular features, such as cooking, crafting, and even gardening! One feature that’s not so beloved, however, is the buying feature. You can buy and craft as many items as your little heart desires, but once you no longer have any use for the items, what do you do with them?

Buying items and resources in Bear and Breakfast is essential for game progression, but is there a corresponding selling feature to help you get rid of unwanted items? Keep reading if you’d like to know if you can sell items in Bear and Breakfast!

Can You Sell Items in Bear and Breakfast?

You’d think that selling items would be a large part of Bear and Breakfast’s gameplay, since it’s a game about starting a business, but you’d be wrong! Currently, there is no way for players to sell items in Bear and Breakfast. So if you accidentally buy a cooking or crafting recipe twice, you can’t just sell it back to whoever you bought it from (it happens to everybody at some point).

Additionally, beginner items such as level 1 beds or beginner furniture cannot be sold to any shops in the game, which makes renovating old properties extremely difficult. One of the whole points of Bear and Breakfast is to make money, which is why it’s so weird that you’re unable to sell unwanted items. Thnkafully, however, there are a few ways that players can get rid of unwanted items besides selling them!

How to Get Rid of Unwanted Items in Bear and Breakfast

You may not be able to sell anything in Bear and Breakfast (yet), but there are a handful of ways to get rid of unwanted items. Here are all of the current methods players are able to utilize to get rid of unwanted items in Bear and Breakfast:

Place Items in Rental Properties

One of the easiest and most common ways that players can clean out their inventories is by placing all unwanted furniture in rental properties. If you have any accidental duplicates of bookshelves or paintings, you can always just store them within the nooks and crannies of your numerous rental properties!

Not only will doing this cause your rental property’s ratings to go up, but it will also clear up some valuable space in your inventory. Of course, this method will only work on furniture though; you can’t go around storing duplicate crafting recipes in your customers’ bedrooms (although it would be nice).

In addition to this, some furniture that you’re able to place inside your rental properties can hold additional items, such as refrigerators and chests. If you have any empty storage containers in any of your rental properties, be sure to utilize them by storing unwanted items inside!

If you don’t have any empty storage furniture in your rental properties and you don’t feel like crafting any, however, then you’re still in luck! There are a couple of in-game areas where you can store your items without needing to craft any extra furniture.

If you’ve unlocked the Motel in the A24 and have repaired the Diner, there should be a Double Door Fridge inside that allows you to store items in it. Another place you can store your items is inside Barbara’s house in Pinefall; inside Barbara’s house is a Moldy Chest and a Small Refrigerator that allows you to store your items inside.

Diner in Bear and Breakfast
Screenshot via Armor Game Studios/Gummy Cat

Store Items in Your Bear Stash

Every player is given a Bear Stash in Bear and Breakfast. The Bear Stash is simply an empty cache where players are able to store items from their inventory for later use. You can access your Bear Stash by locating the Pawn Voyage truck and interacting with the trunk on the back of it.

You can store numerous items from your inventory in there, such as low-level furniture or even extra resources! The Bear Stash is also one of the only storage units in the game that allows you to store crafting and cooking recipes inside of it (we’ve all accidentally gotten a duplicate recipe in the game in one way or another)

Bear Stash in Bear and Breakfast
Screenshot via Armor Games Studios/Gummy Cat


Recycling is a recently-added feature that allows players to recycle their old items for resources! This feature was added in the December 2022 Fintastic Winter Update, and although it’s not quite as good as a selling feature would have been, it’s much better than nothing.

With the addition of this feature, players are now able to recycle all crafted furniture by visiting the new Garbage Grinder in the A24 (it’s in the dump). The Garbage Grinder will destroy any crafted furniture that’s put inside of it and will spit approximately 50% of all materials that were used to craft it.

You’ll be able to utilize the Garbage Grinder once you’ve met all three rats in the A24, which is one of the easiest things players can do in the game! The addition of the recycling feature won’t solve all of Bear and Breakfast fans’ woes, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction!

Recycling in Bear and Breakfast
Image via Armor Game Studios/Gummy Cat

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Although you cannot currently sell items in Bear and Breakfast, you may be able to in the near future. Bear and Breakfast is currently undergoing updates and is constantly being changed and improved upon, selling items may very well be a feature in an upcoming update! So you may not have to put up with hoarding unwanted items for too much longer. Until you’re able to sell items in Bear and Breakfast, you’ll unfortunately just have to keep storing your unwanted items away in empty containers.

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