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Can You Rebind Controls in Evil West?

No one said hunting vampires was comfortable.
evil west gauntlet
Image via Flying Wild Hog/Focus Entertainment

When you’re a professional vampire hunter, you need to have your gear and techniques down to a science. Everything needs to be perfectly tuned, lest something jam or misfire and you end up with some bloke’s teeth in your neck. This is particularly important in Evil West, given the sheer number of weapons and tricks you can use. Can you rebind controls in Evil West, though?

Can You Rebind Controls in Evil West?

The answer to that question is mostly no. If you’re playing Evil West on an Xbox or PlayStation console with a controller, your controls are completely set in stone, no rebinding allowed. If you find the game’s primary control scheme uncomfortable, there are some broad options in the game’s settings, such as reversing the broad placement of buttons or improving the speed of the aim assist snap, but you cannot set custom bindings.

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On the other hand, if you are playing Evil West on PC, you can rebind your controls if you’re playing on a mouse and keyboard. All you have to do is visit the in-game settings menu, switch to the keyboard tab, and you’ll get a readout of every function and which key or mouse button it’s mapped to. Just click the little window next to the function, and you can map whatever key you want, though if the key in question is already mapped to a different function, you’ll need to change that one first.

Can You Rebind a Controller on PC?

evil west vampire
Image via Flying Wild Hog/Focus Entertainment

Unfortunately, if you’re playing with a controller on the PC version of Evil West, you still can’t rebind your controls, at least not in-game. However, if you’re playing the game on Steam, you can use Steam’s custom input system to force a remap. Just right-click on the game in your Steam library and go to Manage and Controller Layout to rebind your controller’s buttons however you like. The only downside to this is that in-game button prompts may not accurately correspond to the buttons you’re actually using, so you’ll just need to remember them all yourself.

I guess the other part of being a vampire hunter is being adaptable. If your gear isn’t working the way you like, just smack it until it does.

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