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Can You Change Your Background or Appearance in Starfield?

Don't settle for an ugly face!
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As humanity’s imagination leaps from the confines of Earth to the farthest reaches of the cosmos in Bethesda’s Starfield, questions about personalization and identity arise in this uncharted expanse. The allure of new galaxies and alien worlds has prompted players to wonder if they can truly customize everything about their character, even after their journey through the stars has begun.

Some have confidently stated that it’s more than possible, while others maintain that it’s nothing more than false information and made-up rumors. Keep scrolling to find out whether or not you can change your background and appearance in Starfield!

Can You Change Your Background or Appearance in Starfield?

The cool thing about Bethesda games is that you can almost always bet on an amazing customization system, and this fact holds true with Starfield. You can customize your character’s appearance and background to your heart’s content at the beginning of your Starfield journey, ensuring you start your adventure off right!

However, whether you’re able to change your background or appearance in Starfield after the game has begun is a point of contention among players. Some say it’s impossible while others say it just takes a bit of effort; we’re here to finally put those rumors to rest.

Although you won’t be able to change your background once your journey through the stars has begun, you will be able to change your appearance. You’re pretty much stuck with whatever background you chose in the beginning, but changing your appearance in Starfield is actually a pretty simple process.

How to Change Your Appearance in Starfield

Changing your appearance after you’ve already finished customizing your character is not only possible, but it’s insanely simple too! All you have to do to change your appearance is first visit one of Starfield’s major cities; thankfully, this can be done relatively early on in the game.

When you first land in Jemison, one of the first main cities of the game, look around the busy commerce area for a shop that reads “Enhance”. These Enhance stores can be found all over random cities in Starfield, and they all allow you to fully re-customize your character.

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You’re able to change just about everything to do with your character’s appearance in Starfield at these shops; the only things that you’re not able to change are your perks and, obviously, your background. Thankfully, you can always just work on the perks you want to add later on, however.

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You may be able to change your appearance in Starfield at will, but your background is pretty much set in stone, so make sure you choose wisely at the beginning of the game!

If you ever need assistance or advice during your playthrough of this game, just stay up to date with Gamer Journalist’s Starfield content.

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