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Call of Duty Warzone Pro Settings and Tips

Call of Duty Warzone Pro Settings
Infinity Ward

When you reach a certain point in your Call of Duty Warzone career, you might wonder what else you can do to improve your gameplay. There are a few settings you can mess with and tips you can employ to gain a competitive advantage. In this guide, we will take a look at some Call of Duty Warzone pro settings and tips to improve your gameplay.

Slide Canceling

Slide Canceling can vastly improve your ability to move around quickly in Call of Duty. Head into the settings and change your Sliding Behavior to tap. With this setting on, you can tap your slide button while sprinting, and then tap it again during the slide to cancel it. You can continuously use this method to gain a slight movement boost. 

Apply All Armor

This tip is primarily for PC players. There is a setting that changes the behavior of how armors plates function. You have the option of Apply One and Apply All. By picking Apply All, you only need to press the button once to apply as many armor plates are necessary to get you to full armor. Without this setting, PC players need to spam the armor plate key manually.

Landing Quicker

Head into your settings and disable the Parachute Auto-Deploy. You probably notice the character auto-deploys the parachute at a certain distance from the ground. The downfall of auto-deploying is that you will never land first compared to someone who has it turned off. 

With this setting disabled, the parachute will now only deploy when you manually hit the button. If you turn this off, chances are you’re going to splatter on the ground a few times before you get the hang of it. 

Winning Gulags

Winning a Gulag gives you a second chance, so it’s an important aspect of the game to master. One tip for success is holding down angles closest to you at the beginning of the Gulag. If you spawn on the right side, hold down the right lane. This way, if your enemy goes down that route, you will have the first shot on him.

Scavenger Contracts

The last tip we have is for when you are coming back to battle. Look out for Scavenger Contracts on the map, because these are an easy way to get free loot and money to revive your teammates or buy some UAVs or other utility.

Those are all the tips we have for now, but you may want to check out our Warzone low FPS guide. Ensuring you have the maximum FPS possible at the highest refresh rate makes the game run smoothly and helps you react quicker to enemies.

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