How to win the Gulag in Call of Duty Warzone

How to win the Gulag in Call of Duty Warzone

Want to know how to win the Gulag every time? The Gulag is one of the most challenging aspects of Warzone. In Warzone, you can rely on teammates, better loadouts, and tactical strategy, but in the Gulag, it is a pure 1-on-1 test of skill.

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We see a lot of streamers, like Ninja, dominate consistently in Warzone. However, most of us are not on that professional skill level. Instead of relying on higher-skilled teammates, you need to have the right strategy to win regularly inside of the Gulag. 

1. Know where your opponent can be. In the Gulag, you can only go in three directions—left, center, or right. While it might seem obvious, knowing this narrows down the choices for your crosshair placement.

How to win the Gulag - Know where your opponent can be

2. Rush the center for more cover. Once you’re in the center, determine whether your opponent will be coming from the left or the right.

How to win the Gulag - Rush the center for more cover

3. Throw both your grenades left and right. As soon as the cooldown expires on your tactical and lethal grenades, throw one to the left, and throw the other to the right.

4. Pay attention to the hit marker. If your hit marker goes off, you know exactly what side of the map your opponent is on. 

5. Head in with guns blazing. Simply rush the opponent on the side that the marker went off and go for the kill.

That is simply the easiest way to win at the Gulag. You have already stunned or damaged your opponent with the tactical or lethal, leaving you with an amazing advantage.

Once you locate your opponent, it will be a match of accuracy and skill. Don’t try to cook your grenade because the Gulag is high intensity. It’s incredibly hard to time a grenade kill, and you’re more likely to die than actually time the grenade perfectly. 

If you are ever going to try this approach, be careful about being too calculating. Spam the tactical and lethal in the right and left directions as fast as possible, as it may come to your detriment if you cook even one of them for too long. When done right, it can work very well and will help you dominate in the Gulag.

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