How to complete the WAP Challenge in BitLife

How to complete the WAP Challenge in BitLife

It’s that time again, Bitizens! The weekly challenge has arrived, and this time, we’re living the life of Cardi B, the famous American rapper and actress. The New York City native has lived quite the life so far, and BitLife wants to see if you have what it takes to live up to her name. In this guide, we will walk you through how to complete the WAP Challenge in BitLife.

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If you think this challenge involves cats, you’re right!

Here is how to complete the WAP Challenge in BitLife

  1. Be born a female in New York
  2. Become a stripper
  3. Become a famous rapper
  4. Have at least two double-platinum singles
  5. Bathe five or more cats

First, start a new life, or continue an existing one, as a female born in New York. You will want to aim for good looks and high intelligence, as these stats will help you out down the line. It will also help to get decent grades to maintain your intelligence while you age up your character. 

Becoming a stripper in BitLife

When you are at least eighteen years old, you will need to get a job as a stripper. You can find this job by clicking on the occupations tab and then tapping on jobs. It is a random occurring job, so it might not show up on your list. Keep restarting BitLife until you finally get it to show up.

How to have at least two double-platinum singles as a rapper

You will want to get the special music talent, which you can easily do with God Mode. If you do not have God Mode, though, make sure to start practicing an instrument at six years old. The talent is randomly assigned to your character, and you can tell if you have it by how quickly your skill in an instrument increases. 

If the green bar doesn’t go up at all or goes up slowly, chances are you do not have it. You can keep creating new lives until you do get this. Once you have the special musical talent, practice your instrument three times a year by going into the Activities and Mind & Body tab. Keep doing this until it is at the maximum level. You should also get the option to do voice lessons at around age 11 or so, so switch to that when you can.

Now for the hard part: becoming a rapper and having two double-platinum singles. As long as you followed the steps above, you should have some impressive musical talent. When your stats are maxed out, go into the jobs section and choose special careers. Select musician and choose the solo artist option. Pick the rapper option for career type. Sign the contract, and voila, you are a famous rapper. 

Keep working hard at your career, and you will eventually produce some double-platinum singles. Make sure to drop some singles as your popularity maxes out. You may want to stay on top of all your social media accounts and make sure your fame is max, as this can also help your odds. It is luck-based, so it may take you a few lives to finally roll a person who has the right amount of luck.

Bathe at least five cats

It would not be a complete WAP Challenge in BitLife without taking Cardi B’s love of cats into account. Go into activities, and then pets, and get yourself five different cats. Then, you can bathe them from the relationships tab by tapping on each cat’s name and selecting the option.

I hope this helps you complete the WAP Challenge. Good luck out there!