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How to Scare Someone to Death in BitLife

Here's how to scare someone to death in BitLife, the life simulation game where anything is possible.
How to Scare Someone to Death in BitLife

Call me old fashioned, but when I think of nonstandard ways to kill someone in a game, I usually think of making their head explode with my mind like in Scanners. Does anyone remember Scanners? Well, anyway, we’re well into the spooky season, so it’s time to get up to some spooky hijinks. And in true schlocky horror movie fashion, there’s nothing scarier than literally scaring someone to death. Here’s how to scare someone to death in BitLife.

For this week’s challenge, in the spirit of the Halloween season, BitLife is running the Paranormal Challenge, which has you completing a variety of unsettling objectives. One of these challenges is scaring somebody to death, which is actually not that difficult. Boy, that might be one of the most sociopathic things I’ve said today. 

How to Scare Someone to Death in BitLife

To scare someone to death in BitLife:

  1. Go to the Activities tab and select Crimes, followed by Murder.
  2. Under the Murder options, select Scare to Death. If it’s not available, you may need to age up.
  3. Select your target to attempt to scare them to death.
BitLife Scared to Death

To scare someone to death, bring up your Activities tab and select the Crimes menu. Under Crimes, go to Murder, and for your murder method choose “scare to death.” You might not have the option to do this if you’re too young, so try aging up if you don’t see it. 

Next, choose your target. You can attempt to scare anyone you know, but for best results, you should choose either a near-stranger or one of your older relatives. When you choose your target, you’ll attempt to scare them to death. If it works, great, you’re a murderer. If it fails, you’ll either escape no worse for wear, or get arrested. In the interest of preserving your livelihood, you should probably save this challenge until after you’ve cleared every other goal in the Paranormal Challenge, just in case things go sideways.

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