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BitLife – How To Become A Rapper (2021)

Many people wonder if you can become a rapper in BitLife. The answer is yes, and it’s not as hard as you may think. It’s a solid career choice, but just like real life, you’ll need a bit of luck and some good natural musical talent. Follow these steps, and you’ll be well on your way to making that dream life as a rapper become a (virtual) reality in BitLife.

If you have God Mode, you can make this process easier by selecting the Music Special Talent when creating your new life. Refer to our guide if you’d like to see how to check if you have it without God Mode.

How to become a rapper in BitLife

Time needed: 15 minutes.

To become a rapper in BitLife, you will need to have some exceptional musical talent from a young age. Begin by practicing instruments at six years old, and then add voice lessons to your yearly practice regimen. With your instrument and voice skills completely maxed out, you can apply to a record label and sign a contract to become a rapper.

  1. Start a new life and age up to six years old

    Start a new life as any gender in any location, as none of those details are relevant. Your stats should not make much difference, but high looks and smarts wouldn’t hurt your odds of making it as a rapper.

  2. Begin taking lessons in any instrument

    When you hit six years old, the Mind & Body tab becomes accessible. At this point, you can begin taking instruments lessons! Go into ActivitiesMind & Body, and Instrument to get started. We recommend picking any two. You can practice an instrument up to three times a year to increase your skill. Any lessons beyond three in the same year will not increase your skill any further. Remember to do three lessons every year, to get the maximum amount of musical talent.

  3. Take voice lessons as soon as you can

    Voice lessons will become an option under the Mind & Body tab at somewhere between age eight and twelve. It’s important to take voice lessons three times every year, as you do with instruments. Some BitLife players say it also helps to join the school band.

  4. Select the musician career

    When your voice and instrument skills are as high as they can get, it’s time to become a rapper. Open up the Occupation tab and go to Special Careers. Choose the Musician option and pick Solo Artist. Choose Singer under Career Type, and pick your record label, such as “Ensemble Beats.” If you get an audition, you can sign a contract to be a musician. If you get rejected, you can close out of BitLife, reopen it, and try again. 

  5. Sign a rap contract

    The record label you apply to can offer you a contract in a random music genre, such as Blues, Country, Rap, and many more. If you are looking to become a rapper, you’ll want to look for a Rap contract. You can restart BitLife and repeat the previous step until you get a rap contract. Pick your stage name after signing the contract. Congratulations, you’ve become a rapper in BitLife! New options will now be available under the Job tab, such as make a new album, put on a live concert, record a single, and more.

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