How to Complete the Mother's Day Challenge in BitLife

How to Complete the Mother’s Day Challenge in BitLife

Mother’s Day is this weekend, and BitLife is celebrating with the Mother’s Day Challenge. For this one, you’ll need to treat that special lazy who brought you into this world right. Not only that, but you’ll need to do some motherly activities of your own. Here’s how to complete the Mother’s Day Challenge in BitLife.

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How to Complete the Mother’s Day Challenge in BitLife

Here is how to complete the Mother’s Day Challenge in BitLife:

  • Be kind to your mother
  • Buy your mother a house
  • Mother 3+ children
  • Buy each of your children a house
  • Have a perfect relationship with each of your children

To start off this challenge, you’ll want to make sure you’re born a female because one of the requirements is to mother a few children. 

Most importantly, you’ll need to be kind to your mother. Open up the relationships tab, and then tap on your mother’s name. To be nice, you can select options like compliment her, have a conversation with her, gift her things, give her money, go to the movies with her, or spend time with her. Continue doing all of these things until you get this one checked off your list.

To buy your mother a house in BitLife, you’ll simply need to buy any property yourself. When you have a property, go into the assets tab, tap on the property, and select to gift it to your mother. Your mother should be appreciative, and this will check a requirement off the list.

Next, you’ll need to mother three or more children. First, you’ll need to meet someone you like and start a relationship with them. After that, you can go into the relationships tab and tap on their name, and then select the option to have a baby with him. You can repeat this process until you have three or more children.

When your children get a bit older, you will need to buy each of them a house. You’re going to need a lot of cash, so you could always consider a high-paying career like an actor, or maybe you’re lucky and were born into or married into royalty. Either way, you’ll need to buy your children properties and make sure you maintain a perfect relationship with them. Spend lots of time with them, gift them things, and make sure you’re an all-around great mother.

That’s how to complete the Mother’s Day challenge in BitLife.