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BitLife: Horse Race Betting – Run Bitizen! Achievement Guide

BitLife: Horse Race Betting - Run Bitizen! Achievement Guide

There are dozens of achievements to complete in BitLife, some of which you may inadvertently complete as you finish the weekly challenges. However, if you’re looking to finish specific achievements, they usually have something particular you need to do, like betting on a special horse, for instance. In this guide, we’ll show you how to win a horse race bet on Bitizen the horse in BitLife, and get the “Run Bitizen!” achievement.

How to Win a Horse Race Bet in BitLife and get the Run Bitizen Achievement

To win a bet on a horse race and get the Run Bitizen achievement:

  1. Open the Activities menu.
  2. Tap on Horse Races to go to the horse track.
  3. Pay the $10 admission.
  4. Keep placing bets until a horse named Bitizen shows up.
  5. Bet on Bitizen when it shows up.

There’s not much to this one, but it does require a bit of patience as you’re waiting for the proper horse name to show up in the list. You can start by opening up the activities menu and going to the Horse Races option. Note that you’ll need to be of legal betting age to have this option show up, which is eighteen years old or more. 

Betting on horses is simple. You’ll see a list of five horses show up, and you’ll just need to pick one of them and bet a specific amount of money. If you win, you get five to one on your bet, so it’s not a bad way to earn some money, but it is entirely luck-based. We recommend you keep betting $1 on the horses and not worry about losing or winning. The goal here is to get a specific horse named Bitizen to show up on the list.

When you find Bitizen show up in the list of horses, make sure to place a bet on it. The amount doesn’t matter, but from my experience, Bitizen always wins, so it seems like a pretty safe bet! As soon as you bet on Bitizen and win the race, you will unlock the achievement. You’ll also get some nice winnings depending on how much you bet. So, there you have it; that’s how you can get the Run Bitizen achievement in BitLife.

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