BitLife: How to Complete the Halloween Challenge

BitLife: How to Complete the Halloween Challenge

It is time for the weekly BitLife Challenge, and this time around, Bitizens can get in the Halloween spirit. The spooky challenge this week entails some haunting tasks in which you’ll be living your virtual life as a murderer. This guide will show you how to complete the Halloween Challenge in BitLife, including how to escape from prison and impale people.

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“Hack and slash your way through this challenge without remorse, Bitizen. It’s Halloween!”

How to Complete the Halloween Challenge in BitLife

Here’s how to complete the Halloween Challenge in BitLife:

  1. Be born a male in the United States
  2. Murder your sister
  3. Escape prison
  4. Impale 5+ people after escaping from prison

There are four objectives for this spooky seasonal BitLife challenge. To start, players will need to start a new life or continue one as a male born in the United States. You’ll need to have siblings, which comes down to chance, so you can age up a few years and roll a new character if you don’t get one.

When you’re at least eighteen years old, you’ll need to murder your sister and get caught. The latter is most likely a guarantee, but you’ll need to make sure you go to jail to complete the rest of the tasks. You’ll probably end up in a maximum-security prison, and escaping from it will involve completing a puzzle. Here are the rules to the prison escape minigame:

“The guard moves twice for every move you make! He will only make moves towards you and will try to walk horizontally first.” 

If you’re having trouble, I’d recommend watching this video on escaping prison in BitLife. There are a few variations of the minigame, and you can find out how to escape both there. When you finally escape prison, your final task will be to impale people.

To impale people in BitLife, simply go into the crime section, and go to murder. From the dropdown menu under “pick your method,” you’ll want to pick “Impale Them.” You’ll need to do this to five people or more, and once that’s done, you’ll complete the Halloween challenge in BitLife.