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How to complete the Goodfellas Challenge in BitLife

How to complete the Goodfellas Challenge in BitLife

With the release of the Mafia update back in December 2020, it was only a matter of time before we saw a mafia-related challenge. Well, it’s time for a new challenge, and this one focuses on living the life of Henry Hill from the Goodfellas movie. So, do you have what it takes to join the mafia and get out with your life intact? Here’s how to complete the Goodfellas Challenge in BitLife.

“The Family might not appreciate a rate, but better to be a free rat than a dead one.”

How to complete the Goodfellas Challenge in BitLife

Here is how to complete the Goodfellas Challenge in BitLife:

  1. Be born a male in New York
  2. Join the Italian mafia
  3. Make it to Underboss
  4. Whack five or more mobsters
  5. Enter the witness protection program

To start things off, you’ll need to be born a male in the mob capital of the world: New York. So, either start a new life or continue one if you already meet these requirements. 

How to join the Italian mafia in BitLife

To join the Italian mafia in BitLife, go into the Job or Occupation menu and scroll down to Special Careers. Choose Organized crime, and join the Italian mafia. If you fail to get accepted into the mafia, you may need to commit a crime before 18 years old. It also helps if you have crime as your “Special Talent,” but that required God Mode.

Once you’re in the family, make sure you stay on their good side. To do this, make sure you commit a crime every year to game some notoriety among the fellas. Some good options are Burglary, Extortion, Grand Theft Auto, or Bank Robbery. Make sure to contribute the total amount of money to the family every time you perform a crime. Also, always report to the family when they request it. Do this every year until you climb the ranks. 

How to make it to Underboss

As long as you continue committing crimes and contributing all your earnings to the family, your notoriety will increase. The other family members will begin liking you, and you’ll eventually get promoted. Keep this up until you work your way to the Underboss, and you get credit for the challenge.

Whack 5+ mobsters

Now for the most difficult part of the challenge: whack five or more mobsters. Tap on your Job and select your Italian mafia family. You will see a list of members there. Select any member from the list, and choose the whack option. 

You will need to make sure everyone likes you in your mob before doing this. If your reputation is low, people will suspect you. We recommend completing this after you are well-liked by the entire family.

How to enter witness protection

To enter witness protection, you’ll need to get caught by the police while committing a crime in BitLife. You will have the option to work for the police and turn on your family. Choose this option if you’re trying to complete this challenge. You will need to collect enough evidence against the mob members for the police to allow you to enter witness protection.

There you have it! THat’s how to complete the Goodfellas Challenge in BitLife.

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