How to complete the Get Around Challenge in BitLife

BitLife: Get Around Challenge Guide

It’s time for another weekly BitLife challenge, and this week, Bitizens will have to put some miles on their mattress. Time to put those romantic skills to the test and spread some love around the world. Here’s a guide on how to complete the Get Around Challenge in BitLife.

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How to complete the Get Around Challenge in BitLife

Here is how to complete the Get Around Challenge in BitLife:

  • Have lovers from 5+ different countries.
  • Bear 3+ children in different countries.
  • Engage in 3+ threesomes.
  • Contract 3+ different sexually transmitted diseases.

To start the challenge, you will want to choose to be a female since you’ll eventually need to have three or more children. You’ll be traveling to a lot of different countries for this one. That means a decent-paying career will do fine at first. You may want to opt for becoming a Porn Actor, which you can find in the jobs section. Choosing this career field goes hand-in-hand with this challenge, so why not?

To engage in a threesome in BitLife, you’ll need to find a partner who has a high “crazy” stat. That’s really the only requirement, and there’s a good chance they might leave you after for the other person in the threesome. However, we’re not concerned about that for this challenge. Once you have a threesome, you can emigrate to a new country and find another lover. You’ll want to repeat this process until you check off all the requirements, which entails finding lovers in five different countries.

Contracting STDs is fairly simple in BitLife. There’s a good chance you get infected most of the time if you go into the Love option, find a hookup, and pick the option not to use a condom. Make sure you pay a visit to the doctor afterward. Your goal here is to contract three different diseases, but it doesn’t need to be all simultaneously. Completing the Get Around Challenge in BitLife unlocks a new appearance item for your characters.