How to Complete the Full Time Part Time Challenge in BitLife

How to Complete the Full Time Part Time Challenge in BitLife

Here's how to complete the Full Time Part Time Challenge in BitLife.

Contrary to what you may have learned growing up, maintaining a livelihood is not the same thing as having a full-time job. It is actually very possible to have an equivalent income, and potentially even a heftier one, working multiple part-time jobs instead, provided you have the time and patience for it. Of course, it’s understandable if you don’t want to try something like that in your real life, but if you’d like a rough approximation, you can have a go at it in BitLife instead. Here’s how to complete the Full Time Part Time Challenge in BitLife.

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The ultimate goal of the Full Time Part Time Challenge is to become wealthy enough to afford both a mansion and a yacht without ever working a full-time job. This means you have to amass your entire income through freelance gigs and part-time work, and you have to do it both during and after your time in high school. It’s potentially difficult, but not impossible.

How to Complete the Full Time Part Time Challenge in BitLife

Here are the precise goals you need to accomplish for the Full Time Part Time Challenge:

  • Work 10+ Freelance Gigs in high school
  • Never hold a full-time job
  • Work 40+ hours in part-time jobs after high school
  • Purchase a mansion
  • Purchase a yacht

Basically, you need to affirm your dedication to the gig lifestyle, then make enough cash to prove you made it work. 

Step one is to age up until you’re in high school. Under your School tab, you should see some Freelance gigs available. It doesn’t matter which one you pick, just take as many of them as possible, or pick the same one multiple times. Just remember to set a reasonable hourly rate, or you won’t get hired. This is both to tick off that first goal and to start amassing cash.

After you’re done with high school, check out the part-time jobs section of the Occupations tab. You need to assemble a schedule of high-paying part-time jobs to, ideally, create a facsimile of a regular workweek. Ideally, you want to schedule around 40 hours a week, just enough to make a good living, but not so much your collapse from stress. The most important thing is that you do not apply for any full-time jobs or special careers, as that’ll scuttle this entire operation.

If your part-time jobs pay enough, it is possible to make the money you need to afford both a mansion and a yacht after you live out most of your life. If you need some extra scratch, though, you can increase your net worth through familial means like marrying into a wealthy family or receiving an inheritance. Alternatively, you can try buying and selling real estate if you don’t mind taking a little gamble. It’s potentially very profitable and doesn’t count as a full-time job. 

Once you’ve got the cash, you can buy your mansion, though the yacht will require a boating license first.

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