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How to Complete the Freedom Challenge in BitLife

It’s independence day weekend, and BitLife is celebrating with its weekly challenge. Do you have what it takes to defend freedom at the highest level? Let’s see how you stack up against the rest of the players in the Freedom Challenge. If you need some help completing this one, we have a full walkthrough down below. Here’s how to complete the Freedom Challenge in BitLife.

How to Complete the Freedom Challenge in BitLife

Here is how to complete the Freedom Challenge in BitLife

  1. Be born in the United States

  2. Join any branch of the military

  3. Achieve the rank of General or Admiral

  4. Get deployed three or more times

  5. Serve until you’re forced to retire

To start this challenge, make sure you start a new life or continue a life of a person born in the United States. Make sure to graduate high school, and then enroll in University. Complete any major, as it doesn’t matter all that much. Education will help you work your way up in the military after graduation, though.

When you graduate from University, you can tap on the occupation tab and join the military. You can join the army, for example. Once you are in, you will likely start as a First Lieutenant or something similar. Make sure to work hard at your job every year and maintain a great relationship with all your coworkers. Getting promoted to an Army General in the military is similar to other jobs in BitLife.

As long as you continue working hard and are well-liked by your colleagues, you will eventually get promoted to Captain. You can give your superiors gifts as well to help out with this process. 

Eventually, you will go on deployment. The deployment in BitLife consists of a minigame similar to Minesweeper. Find all of the bombs successfully to complete the deployment, and repeat this process three times. Simply continue aging up until you meet the requirements. When all other requirements are met, continue aging up until you are forced to retire.

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