How to Complete the Father’s Day Challenge in BitLife

Father’s Day is June 20, in case you forgot about it, so it’s time to celebrate that special guy in your life. BitLife remembers, and the weekly challenge is just in time. For this weekly BitLife challenge, you’ll need to spend some time with your father, show him how much you appreciate him, and become one yourself. Here’s our guide on how to complete the Father’s Day Challenge in BitLife.

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How to Complete the Father’s Day Challenge in BitLife

  1. Go fishing with your father.
  2. Buy your father a truck.
  3. Father three or more children.
  4. Buy each of your children a car.
  5. Have a perfect relationship with each of your children.

The BitLife Father’s Day challenge requirements don’t need too much explanation. Most of them are straightforward, but we’ll walk you through the steps anyway. 

To start things off, you’ll need to make sure you either start a new life or continue a Bitizen’s life as a male. You’ll need to father three or more kids at some point in your life, so keep that in mind.

Go fishing with your father

The first requirement is to go fishing with your father. To do this, head to the relationships tab and find your father. Tap on his name and choose the option to spend time with him. There is a random set of possible outcomes, one of which is to take him fishing. You’ll have to keep spending time with him until you get the fishing option to complete this requirement.

Buy your father a truck

Next, you’ll have to buy your father a truck. Go into the assets tab, tap on “go shopping…”, and head to a car dealership. Look for any truck, and purchase it. Go back into your assets tab and find the truck you just purchased. Tap on the truck and choose the gift option, and then select your father as the recipient.

Father three or more children

You likely already know how to do this one. Find a mate so you can have some kids. There are many ways to do this, by finding a steady mate or through one-night stands. Make sure you choose the option to keep the baby if the game asks you. You’ll need to have at least three children, buy them cars, and maintain a good relationship with them.

Maintain a perfect relationship with your children

To maintain a perfect relationship with your children, make sure you spend time with them and buy them things. You can tap on the relationships tab to manage all of these options. Buying them cars will also help boost this stat, so you should have no problem finishing the challenge.