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How to Escape Prison in BitLife

Learn how to escape prison in BitLife by following these three iron-clad rules.
How to Escape Prison in BitLife
Image via Candywriter/BitLife

You ever seen that show Prison Break? 2005, ran commercials on Fox during The Simpsons? It was a rather… dramatic show, with months worth of planning an intrigue before any actual prison breakage happened. In real life, prison breaks tend to be a little more spontaneous, on the rare occasion they actually happen. If prisons were easy to break out of, after all, they wouldn’t be prisons; they would be daycares. Here’s how to escape prison in BitLife.

When you’ve landed yourself in the hoosegow, you can attempt to break out of prison in lieu of rotting your days away in your cell. Not only does escaping from prison get you back to your regular life, you can also earn ribbons for getting incarcerated and breaking out multiple times in your life. An odd thing to turn into a sport, for sure, but a ribbon’s a ribbon.

How to Escape Prison in BitLife

The tricky thing about the prison escape mini-game is the number of potential prison variations you could be faced with. There are 11 unique variations for normal prisons and 9 unique variations for maximum security prisons, and all of these can be altered further by mirroring and rotating them. However, there is a guaranteed way out in all of these situations, because the prison guard is governed by three iron-clad rules:

  1. The guard moves twice for every move you make
  2. The guard will always advance toward your position
  3. The guard will prioritize moving horizontally over moving vertically

Using these rules, it’s possible to trap the guard behind walls or in unusual situations. Even if there’s a wall between the two of you, if you’re still to the guard’s immediate left or right, he’ll just keep bumping into it. Even if the guard is right next to you on a vertical plane, if you move left or right, he’ll try to follow you left or right instead of going up or down.

Rather than break down every escape route here, you can check out this video on YouTube. You can skip around to any variation you are stuck on for some help. Escaping prison is a useful thing to know for various BitLife challenges.

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