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How to Complete the Demon Slayer Challenge in BitLife

Learn how to complete the Demon Slayer Challenge in BitLife!
How to Complete the Demon Slayer Challenge in BitLife

It’s time for another weekly BitLife Challenge, and this week we have the Demon Slayer Challenge. The challenge will require full concentration breathing, so prepare yourself. This one takes inspiration from the popular Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Japanese manga series. In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to complete the Demon Slayer Challenge in BitLife.

BitLife Demon Slayer Challenge Requirements:

  • Be born in Japan
  • Have a little sister
  • Master judo and karate
  • Become an exorcist
  • Perform 12 exorcisms in your own haunted houses

To start this challenge off right, you’ll need to be born in Japan. You will also need a little sister at some point, which will require a bit of luck. Next up, you’ll need to start training some martial arts from a young age.

To train Judo and Karate, go into the Activities tab, and tap on Mind & Body. Choose Martial Arts, and begin training Judo and Karate. You’ll want to practice this every year and work hard at them to become a master. 

To become an exorcist, you will need to look for the job under the occupations tab. It’s one of the rare jobs to show up on the list, so if you don’t see it, you can refresh the job list by re-opening the app or aging up one year. Repeat this process until you finally find the exorcist job.

How to perform an exorcism in your own Haunted House in BitLife

Finally, you’ll need to perform exorcisms in your own haunted houses. To be able to complete this, you’ll need to purchase some haunted houses! Go into the assets tab, head down to real estate brokers, and look for a haunted house. 

After you own a haunted house, you can go into your assets tab and click on the house. You can view the “Hauntedness” of the house under the Spirits option, and you can also perform an exorcism this way. Tap on an individual spirit, and choose to Exorcise it. You will need to complete this twelve times, which means you’ll likely need to buy a few haunted houses to complete it quickly.

BitLife Demon Slayer Challenge - Exorcism

That’s everything you need to know about how to complete the Demon Slayer Challenge in BitLife! I hope this guide helps you out if you’re stuck, and good luck!

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