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How to complete the Dangerous Woman Challenge in BitLife

BitLife Dangerous Woman Challenge

Bitizens, it’s time for another BitLife challenge. Every weekend, you can put your skills to the test and compete against other players to see how quickly you can complete the objectives. This week, we have the Dangerous Woman Challenge, which will entail becoming a famous singer, having six albums hit platinum, and calling off four engagements. Here’s how to complete the Dangerous Woman Challenge in BitLife.

How to complete the BitLife Dangerous Woman Challenge

To complete the Dangerous Woman Challenge in BitLife, you need to finish these objectives:

  1. Be born a female in Miami.
  2. Become a famous singer.
  3. Have 6+ albums hit platinum or higher.
  4. Call off 4+ engagements.
  5. Complete the challenge before you turn 30.

First, you’ll need to start a new life or continue one as a female born in Miami. It will help if you have the special musical talent for this challenge since you’ll need to drop some platinum albums later in life.

It’s important to begin practicing an instrument as soon as possible, around age six. When you get the option, make sure to practice every year before aging up. Around age eight to eleven, you will unlock the ability to take voice lessons and make sure to take those when they become available.

Around age thirteen, you need to begin your music career, which is usually the earliest age you can do so. Considering you need to drop a bunch of hits before age 30, it’s best to get a head start on this task. Head into the special career menu and choose to become a solo artist. You’ll need to pick the singer option when prompted what type of musician you want to become.

Start releasing albums when you can, continue taking voice lessons, and sign up on social media to increase your exposure. Get as famous as possible, and continue releasing albums and growing your social media accounts. Eventually, you should start dropping some platinum albums, although it is somewhat luck-based, so there are no guarantees. Your albums will need to have over one million sales to hit platinum status.

Finally, you’ll need to call off at least four engagements, all before age 30. We recommend getting a head start on this around 18 years old. Use the dating app under the activities menu and start up a relationship with someone suitable. Make sure you have a good relationship with your significant other, gifting them whenever possible to get them to propose quickly. When they finally propose, accept the proposal and then call it off quickly. Repeat this step four times, and you should be good to go.

As long as you finish all the objectives before age 30, you will have completed the Dangerous Woman Challenge in BitLife. For more related content and guides, you can check out our website’s BitLife section.

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