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How to Become a Brain Surgeon in BitLife

How to Become a Brain Surgeon in BitLife

In the life simulation game that is BitLife, you can become anything your heart desires. Unlike real life, it’s a lot easier to pursue prestigious careers like a famous singer or even a brain surgeon! Speaking of surgeons, this guide will walk you through the process of how to become a brain surgeon in BitLife.

Becoming a brain surgeon in BitLife is a bit tricky, but as long as your character has the right stats, you can follow our steps and achieve greatness. 

How to Become a Brain Surgeon in BitLife

Here is how to become a brain surgeon in BitLife:

  1. Get your smarts stats high
  2. Graduate from high school with good grades
  3. Go to university and major in Biology
  4. Graduate from university and seek higher education
  5. Go to Medical School
  6. Graduate from Medical School and apply for a job
  7. Apply for the Brain Surgeon job from the list of jobs

To start things off, it really helps if you are born with naturally high smarts. If you’re not, it’s not exactly the end of the road for you. You can do things like study hard and read many books to boost your smarts up a bit. Remember to study in the library and make sure your looks are at least above 90% for this to work.

Graduate from high school with good grades, and then get yourself into a university. Remember to major in a related field to what you’ll be doing later in life. A good major to pick here is Biology. Again, study hard a get good grades to continue into the medical field. When you graduate from university, remember to select the option to seek higher education.

Now, it’s time to apply for Medical School. After tapping on seek higher education after graduating from university, tap on the Medical School option from the list. Tuition will be hefty, but you can get a student loan or apply for a scholarship if your grades are perfect. Study hard and work your butt off to graduate from medical school.

Congratulations, you’re now a doctor! As a new doctor, it’s time to browse the jobs list and find the Brain Surgeon job. The list of jobs is random, so if you do not see the brain surgeon option, simply restart your game and check the jobs list again!

That’s how to become a brain surgeon in BitLife. Remember to check our BitLife section for more guides and related content!

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